App on – Responsive App Landing WordPress Theme

App on – Responsive App Landing WordPress Theme

App On is an extensively customizable WordPress Theme for app developers to showcase their app. Most of the app stores do not do much to showcase an app properly. All you get are simple screenshots and a single video as a cover. However, these days, apps are no longer just simple products. They connect users to multiple services too – free and premium. Hence, it is also important that you tell people about the services, the pricing and even have a dedicated FAQ section too. It is something that simply most app stores fail to provide.

App On provides you not only with a highly customizable and visually appealing theme, but it is also complete functionality that an app developer would need in order to showcase their app, communicate with users and also provide support.

36 different page styles

App On comes with a massive selection of ready-to-go landing page styles. It comes in 36 different combinations right out of the box.

There are three different menus available. The sticky menu is the one that always stays on top of your screen. It resembles a navigation bar where you can simply click on the section that you want to jump to on the page. You can also have submenus where you can put links to less visited pages. The next style is the sidebar menu. You get a small button on the top left which opens a fly-out menu from the left. There, you have a list of the sections. The menu stays hidden always and opens up only when you will need it. The dot menu style uses dots to show your location on the page. It’s a floating module on the top right corner of the page and is a replacement for the scrollbar. It acts like an intelligent scroll bar that directly takes you to the desired section.

For each of these menu styles, you get two different layouts for the page header. Right when the page loads up, your app’s screen is the first thing that people should see. Now, there are two styles that are provided. One has the app screen right in the centre, with description and download links above it. Another has the app screen against the right side of the screen with description and download links on the left.

For the background, you get an image slider that can play full-screen slideshows in the background, a parallax image that seems to be in a different layer as you scroll down the page, or even a static video that plays along when the page loads.

Moreover, for every combination, there is a light and a dark version. So, two versions – dark and light, times three for menu styles, times two for the header layout, times three background styles gives you a total of thirty-six combinations right out of the box.

Predefined Colors

Not sure what colours to pick? App On comes with fifteen pre-defined colours. However, if you have a certain colour in your mind, you can also use that precise colour using the HTML colour code.

Multiple Sections

App On provides a ton of sections right out of the box that allows you to showcase multiple aspects of your app. You also have the space to showcase the team, the testimonials, give an overview of the pricing options, and even show recent posts from the blog. The blog pages are included in the theme too.

You get a complete screenshot gallery, a separate section just for features and most importantly, an FAQ section built right into the landing page. There is also a working contact form so that users can directly get in touch with your from the site itself.

Animated Scrolling

App On comes with animated scrolling. As you scroll, the different parts of the page slide into view with fluid animations that also work equally well on mobile devices.

Built for Touch

App On is completely optimized for smartphone browsers and looks awesome even on desktop browsers. It uses the modern web technologies that allow it to run smoothly on all smartphone browsers. It looks and feels as fluid as a native app running right on your phone.

Bootstrap 3.1.1

App On uses Bootstrap 3.1.1. Bootstrap is the popular frontend framework that is used for Twitter for their responsive web design. Bootstrap allows the website to detect the device that they are being displayed on and then scale the content accordingly. App On is built on the same framework that makes Twitter responsive and hence the site scales similarly without any issues. You no longer have to design separate websites for mobile devices.

Own Carousel

Integration of owl Carousel framework allows touch sensitive sliders. You can swipe to drag the sliders to move them. You can use them offmaking a screenshot gallery of your app, or a step-by-step screenshot guide. Owl carousel looks and feels like the gallery in most app stores such as the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Cross browser compatible

App On is optimized for all major browsers. You get support for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and all other variants of these browsers. Even mobile versions of these browsers are completely supported. App On was built using HTML5 and CSS3 – the modern standards for all web pages on the internet. Hence, with App On, you do not have to worry about the website breaking down on certain browsers.

Free Visual Composer

App On is a complete theme with a large number of sections for your app. But what is use a theme if you cannot customize? That is why you are also given Visual Composer plugin for free so that you can customize App On effortlessly. Visual Composer is a drag-and-drop web page builder. It allows you to modify, add or remove web pages without writing any code. All the pages or extra components you add will take the look and feel of the theme that is applied to the website.


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  • Clean & Modern Design
  • Free Visual Composer $33
  • Different slider options
  • Unlimited Colors
  • PSD & HTML Worth $21 for free
  • Easy to use Customizer for theme options
  • 3 Different menu styles
  • Light & Dark Version
  • Wide & Boxed layout
  • Support Google Font
  • Contact form 7
  • Elite Support
  • Documentation

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