Baby & Kids Store eCommerce HTML Template with RTL Package

Baby & Kids Store eCommerce HTML Template with RTL Package

Planning to start an online store for toddlers and infants? Then Baby & Kids Store eCommerce HTML Template is the right package for your HTML template. It is the perfect theme that incorporates all the features such a store would require. Moreover, it comes with a simple and modern user interface that makes shopping online for kids both easy and fun.

Baby & Kids Store eCommerce HTML Template is an extensive package that comes with 39 different HTML files. It has 7 different home pages and two different styles of mega menu. Moreover, it implements responsive web design, has multiple modes of product listing and comes with excellent technical support.

A Clean and Vibrant Design

When the template loads up, the first thing that catches the eye is the clean and simple design. The template makes good use of bright colours too – something that is often associated with products for children.

The white background gives a minimal look. A set of bright pastel shades are used to accentuate the UI elements on the page. You can easily use other colour palettes of your choice.

7 Home Page Variations

The Baby & Kids Store eCommerce HTML Template comes with seven different home pages. These pages have different banners, different sliders and a different layout of the sections. However, the number of sections in each of the home screen is the same. You can pick any one of the home pages you want without thinking about missing out on the different sections. The pages are differently arranged but have the same content.

2 Mega Menu Variations

Most shopping websites come with a large menu that lists all the major categories of the products on the website. This template also includes an extended menu on the home page from where you can easily navigate to the different categories of products. The mega menu can also have a background image that you can change from time to time.

3 Slider Styles

The Baby & Kids Store comes with three different styles of sliders. These include the banners that the user sees when the page loads up. This is the top of the home screen and the slider can be quite useful when it comes to promoting certain products or offers, showing off new arrivals, or just for showcasing certain products or categories.

These sliders come with different types of link buttons, a different alignment of texts and even of different dimensions. You can pick whichever you link and embed the HTML code in the page of your choice.

Different Header Styles

The Baby & Kids template comes with both sticky and the fixed header format. The sticky header format always stays at the top of the window and is visible no matter where you are on the page. The fixed format is fixed at the top of the page as is hidden when you scroll down the page. The former provides quick navigation between different parts of the page while the latter provides more space for the rest of the page to be displayed on the viewport. You can use any one depending on your requirements.

39 HTML Pages

The template consists of a massive number of HTML pages. All of these have passed validation tests and are error free. The massive number of pages include the account pages, the blog pages, different shop listing pages, and so on. These pages are described as follows:

Product Page with and without sidebar

The product page comes with a sidebar too. There is the choice of having the sidebar on the left, on the right, or without a sidebar. There are four different product pages that you can choose from.

9 My Account Pages

A comprehensive selection of pages is provided for account management. This includes the My Account page where you can navigate to any of the other pages associated with your account. The Account Information allows you to view and update your personal information. The Change Password page allows you to update your password. An Address Book page is provided that can be used to add and update addresses. The Order History page can be used to have a look at past orders, and even track the progress of the shipment. The Returns Requests page is for any return request that has been placed. Reviews and Rating page is used to review the purchase products. Finally, the Newsletter page is for checking the newsletters that one has subscribed to.

Blog Pages

The template also includes four blog pages that include the blog list and the single blog page. Both of the pages come with a right sidebar or a left sidebar.

Shop Listing in Grid and List View

The product list can be presented in a list as well as a grid view. The provision for switching between the list and grid view is also provided. The code is already implemented in the front end so you do not have to worry about switching the views.

Category Product Listing with Sidebar

The template comes with seven different product listing pages. The pages provide both grid view as well as the list view. Moreover, there are pages that offer sidebar on the left and sidebar on the right. You also get product listing pages without any sidebars.

Creative Sidebar with Custom Checkboxes

The sidebar implements custom controls that are not present in bootstrap by default. The checkboxes and sliders are extra controls that are not there in Bootstrap by default. The checkboxes are available in multiple colours and also in multiple styles. They can be used to specify the colour of the product that you are looking for quite easily. The slider also can be used to narrow down the search results based on price.

Cart and Checkout Pages

The template comes with a cart and a checkout page. The cart page can be used for specifying item quantity, adding coupons, checking the availability of products in a certain location, reviewing the total price and so on. The checkout page includes the option of specifying the delivery address and the payment method too.


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  • Colorful & Clean website
  • 7 Home page variations
  • 39 HTML Pages
  • 2 Styles of Mega Menu
  • 3 Slider styles
  • Sticky & Fix header
  • Product Page with and without sidebar
  • 9 My Account Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • Shortcodes Page
  • Shop listing Grid & List view
  • Category product listing with sidebar
  • Creative Sidebar with custom checkboxes
  • With & Without Sidebar pages
  • 4 Header Styles
  • Cart Page, Checkout Pages
  • 3 Shop listing pages
  • Interactive Sidebar
  • Documentation
  • Elite Support

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