Cubic Admin – Dashboard + UI Kit Framework with Frontend Templates

Cubic Admin – Dashboard + UI Kit Framework with Frontend Templates

Planning to make a dashboard kit for your web development project? Then look no further than the Cubic Admin Dashboard Kit. Cubic Admin is the ultimate kit, based on Bootstrap and comes with all the controls and elements imaginable for all your dashboard needs. You can use Cubic Admin to speed up your development process or pick one of the many templates to get started with the tweaking it to create the dashboard you need.

Here are the distinguishing features of the Cubic Admin HTML template.

Four different dashboards

Cubic Admin comes with 4 different dashboard variants. All of the dashboards have the same content, but they have different styles. Each of these dashboards gives you a starting point for your project. Find the one that best fits your requirements and gets started with it.

What varies across the different templates are the navigation and the style of the different graphs. Obviously, you can mix and match the styles to create new ones. The present ones have a generic design, an e-commerce focused design, an analytical version design and a clean design with minimal elements.

E-commerce focused dashboard included

If you are designing a dashboard for an e-commerce solution, then the e-commerce focused template can be of great help. It comes with all the graphs and panels designed and developed for e-commerce applications. You will have to make minimal changes to this template if you are integrating it to an online store project.

Two sidebar themes

As an extended customization option, you get a light and dark version of the sidebar. These can be changed by the user too, along with the preset colour themes.

Features a mini Sidebar Style

A collapsed sidebar style is also made available that only uses the icons without the labels. This is particularly useful when the user is accessing the dashboard using devices with small screens, such as tablet and smartphones and also while the user is multi-tasking with multiple tiled windows. The full-width sidebar automatically collapses when it is opened on a smaller window.

6 Colour Skins

Cubic Admin comes with six different colour skins. The user can change these skins as along with the sidebar colour from the settings menu of the dashboard. You can also specify more colours or you can change the existing colours of the templates.

Export Data Tables to CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print

Easily export data to other formats. The template comes with functional scripts that can get the user data from the dashboard into other formats. You can export the data into comma separated value (CSV) files, Microsoft Excel files and PDF documents. Also, the user can get the data copied to the clipboard and also print them directly from the dash.

Main PSD Files Worth $12 Included Free of Cost

The Photoshop Documents that were used to design the template are included with Cubic Admin. So, when you buy the template, you also get the original assets, free of cost. This will allow you to make an intricate visual change to the template.

Includes a Lightbox control

Cubic Admin includes a lightbox control that darkens the background when viewing certain content in a popup. This is makes viewing photos and videos more engaging, especially when the background has been dimmed.

Includes the Summernote Editor

Summernote is a Bootstrap powered WYSIWYG editor. Summernote comes with a bunch of text formatting tools and is a near-complete online editor with the option to insert images, links videos and more. Moreover, Summernote is quite light – just 100 kilobytes with the JavaScript and style sheets included.

Multiple Range Slider Controls

Cubic admin comes with seven different range sliders that can be used to select a particular value from a range or can be used to specify a subset of values from a range of values. Moreover, the slider tooltips can be customized to not only show the values, but also the units.

Over 70 pages and 200 UI components powered by Bootstrap

Based on Bootstrap 3, Cubic admin features over 70 pages and over 200 Bootstrap based controls. The included pages contain demos of the different controls as well as other functional pages such as Compose email, Inbox, Login and log out pages, profile pages, password recovery pages, error pages, calendar, gallery and a whole lot more. All these pages, like the rest of the template, are completely responsive and works flawlessly on all modern browsers. The template also contains a large number of UI components that are not only present in the Bootstrap framework by default, but also ones that are extended from these default components.  The sliders and the graphs are the prime examples of these controls.

Extensive Chart Options

Cubic Admin comes with Morris Charts, Peity Charts, Knob charts, and Sparkline charts. These allow you to provide an impressive visualization of the data with bar graphs, line graphs, histograms, pie charts, and a whole lot more.

Fully Responsive Pages

Built based on Bootstrap 3, Cubic Admin uses the same fluid layout system that is the core of Bootstrap. It works flawlessly on all devices – big and small. Moreover, the other components that are not present in Bootstrap by default are also responsive and are tested to work on smartphones and tablets too.


LESS is an extension of CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. LESS stands for Leaner Style Sheets and provide more flexibility over CSS. LESS allows you to do more than CSS, by writing less code. Making changes to LESS is much easier than that of CSS.

Built-in Form Validation

Make sure that the user does not enter any wrong data right in the browser with the included validation forms. The included validation forms provide a visual cue to the user when something wrong is entered.

Extensive selection of widgets

Cubic Admin comes with a wide range of widgets that you can readily embed in any page of your project. Widgets can be charts, calendars, chats, sales statistics and a lot more.


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  • 4+ Different Dashboards
  • eCommerce Dashboard Included
  • Light and Dark Sidebar
  • Cubic Admin Clean and Minimal Design
  • Horizontal Navigation Styles
  • Mini Sidebar Style
  • 6 Color Skins
  • Data Table Export to CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print
  • Main PSD Files Included (Free $12)
  • Lightbox
  • Summernote
  • Range Slider
  • 70+ pages
  • 200+ Ui Components
  • Bootstrap 3x
  • 1000+ Fonts Icons
  • Fully Responsive pages
  • Lessbase CSS
  • Easy to customize
  • Many Charts Options
  • Multi File upload
  • Multiple Table Examples
  • Validation Forms
  • Lots of ready to use plugins.

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