Electron – Event Concert & Conference Theme

Electron Event Concert & Conference Theme

Electron by Jthemes is one of the best WordPress themes for events and concert websites. At its core, Electron is a music event landing page. However, the Electron theme is built keeping all the possible requirements of music performances and live shows in the forefront while adhering to all the modern web standards. The landing page, built upon Bootstrap 3, using HTML5 and CSS3, is the one-stop shop for all the information one may need for any concert or event.

Comes in two variants

Based on your personal preference, the Electron theme comes with two primary variants. One comes in with a slide in-out menu, while the other has a standard menu as the top bar. The former makes the header image stand out more, whereas the latter provides easier accessibility. Now, depending on your audience, you can choose any one variant you like. Both the variants provide a smooth, colourful and an energetic user experience.

An engaging UX

The Electron theme provides an engaging user experience. Right from when the site loads up in the browser, the user is welcomed with a slideshow of full-screen images, a countdown timer to the event, a and easy access to booking information. The clean and clutter free UI make it easier to find out information on the web page.

The theme comes with the provision of displaying all possible information that is required for such events, including pricing, parking details, food and accommodation, event details, event line up, performers as well as shopping, customer support and safety information. The map on the page will also provide you with directions to the event right from your location. Here is a list of all the major sections of the theme:

A header slide show with a countdown

Showcase all the best images in a full-screen slideshow right when the website loads. A countdown timer right below the slideshow shows you exactly how much time is left to the show –  a great way to let users know how long they have to wait for the event, or exactly how long they have to get the tickets.

Performer details

Right below the header, you get two complete sections to list all the performers in the event. You can list all the special guest performers, as well as the others in a touch-sensitive carousel.


The highlights section allows you to highlight all the major features of your event, as well as providing a space to put all the information related to the event. You get a tabbed view with multiple tabs where you can insert text, links or graphics to provide information to your users.

Offers and pricing

Two adjacent sections are provided just for offers and pricing so that you can put in all the different pricing options as well as the offers on ticket purchases. The ticketing system comes with support for Tickera and Eventbrite integration too.


A completely separate section is provided for the sponsors – something that’s quite important in any event. You can put a list of all the sponsor logos in the carousel and link them to the sponsor sites for easy access.

Line up

Another carousel listing the complete lineup or future events that you can link to the blogs.

Testimonials and about

You get a separate section to write about the website itself, as well as a carousel for testimonials of past events.

Contact options

The final section lists the customer support number, contact form, the subscription form as well as the interactive map of the event location. With the interactive map, you can easily locate the event, the surrounding places as well as get directions from your location. You can get the directions on your Maps app on your smartphone too.

Fully responsive

Like all modern websites, the Electron theme is designed to be fully responsive. You do not have to get any other theme for smaller screens. The Electron theme will automatically scale and adapt to any screen size. You do not have to separately maintain web pages for phones, tablets and PCs. So, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a large computer monitor, Electron will look simply gorgeous in any screen size.

The Electron theme is built natively using the Twitter Bootstrap 3 Framework that provides full compatibility with most web browsers on most devices. This means that virtually no user will have any trouble in using the website, no matter what device they are using.

Twitter Bootstrap 3 also enables the touch-sensitive controls on the website. Users can swipe through the line up of performers or pinch to zoom on the map.

A single-page theme

The Electron landing page is a single page template. In just one page, you can put all the information regarding the event or the concert. There is no confusing navigation, nor the hassle of maintaining multiple pages for different information.

This also provides an easy and seamless experience for your users. One can just scroll through the entire webpage to get all the information. Moreover, you can also implement this theme to make your own PWA for your website, allowing the user to have a single page dedicated app for your website.

The theme also comes with a working AJAX contact form and a subscription form. Hence, you can set them up with minimal backend work.

Easy to Work With

With Visual Composer support, you can tweak the theme, change the contents without any backend coding. You can simply drag and drop components, pick colours using a colour picker, change fonts, glyphs, graphics, layouts and animation without any coding knowledge. You can even edit how the mobile and tablet site will look like with visual composer support in Electron.

What You Get

When you buy the Electron theme, you get the HTML, CSS, JS and PHP files, as well as the documentation of the files. You also get the icons for the theme as well as the PSD versions of graphics used in the theme.


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  • Clean and Unique design
  • Drag n Drop Page builder worth $33
  • Normal Menu & Off-Canvas Menu styles
  • Choose your own Colors
  • Tickera events Integrated
  • Eventbrite Integrated
  • .pot file ready to translate theme
  • Event map direction
  • Responsive layout
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 Framework
  • Advanced Theme options
  • Visual composer
  • Newsletter & contact form 7

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