Event Management HTML Template with RTL version

Event Management HTML Template with RTL version

Planning to start a brand-new website for managing your events? Then im Event is a comprehensive and simple event management template with support for the right to left languages. This new template not only gives you all the functionalities that you will need for event management, but it also comes with a large number of extra pages that will allow you to extend the website further in future.
It is a complete event management theme that uses modern web technologies and incorporates a clean design and readable typography. Here are some of the key features of the template that set it apart from the rest.

Two Different Home Layouts

Even though it’s not a large number of home screens, im Event has all the contents that are needed in the home pages. The two pages sport a slightly different layout and a different overall design, but the content of both the pages is the same. You get the same sections and you can display the same amount of information in each of the sections. You will not lose out on anything if you pick one homepage design over the other. You can pick the one which fits your project the best and start working with that.

Uses Responsive Web Design

One of the biggest features of the of im Event and also one of the most coveted features of modern web design is the use of responsive web design. Responsive websites are aware of the size of the screen or window that they are being displayed on and the site can automatically change their layout based on the screen size.

Im Event does this with the help of Bootstrap. Im Event is built on Bootstrap and hence inherits the fluid grid system of the web development framework. In im event, all the contents of the page are arranged in form of a grid that can change the layout once the screen size changes.

The top navigation header collapses into a hamburger menu, the number of columns in the gallery changes and the buttons shrink in width automatically depending on the screen size. This enables the website to work flawlessly with smartphones and tables – that is devices with smaller screens. Moreover, on a desktop, the website will require no horizontal scrolling when viewed on a small viewport.

Search engines also give a better rank to responsive websites. This is because these websites are mobile friendly and hence when using a phone to search a web, which is something we do a lot, these pages are much easier to view. Plus, responsive websites have lower development and maintenance cost.

A Clean And Modern Design

Im Event has a flat design that is now prevalent in a lot of digital UI these days. Most modern operating systems such as Windows, Android or even iOS make use of such a design where the design elements have a very limited colour palette, flat colours are used along with large typography and a lot of photographs.

Im Event sticks to a single accent colour throughout the site. There is no use of drop shadows or 3D iconography. Only a single typeface is used throughout the website. This keeps the website looking clean and professional. Im Event also uses a lot of images. There are multiple places where images can be inserted. It has large customizable sliders as well as gallery pages for photographs.

Built Using Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3 is one of the most popular web development frameworks. Bootstrap provides the developers with multiple elements that one can readily use. Im Event also uses these elements from bootstrap. These include the top header or the navigation bar, the slider, the form elements, such as text boxes and link buttons and more. Moreover, bootstrap can also be extended using other frameworks and plugins.

Im Event also makes use of Owl Carousel that provides users with interactive, touch-friendly and responsive sliders.

Multiple Colour Options

Since Im Event is an HTML template, you can easily define any colour for the website using HTML colour codes. Im Event uses a colour palette with a very few colours to keep the design clean and minimal. You can change all these colours according to your choice while building the project.

Extensive Selection of Sections on The Home Page

Im Event comes with a lot of sections on the home page. There is a countdown timer that can be programmed to show the time remaining to the coming event. There is a filterable gallery of the upcoming events. An image and a video gallery is also included. Moreover, there are sections for event speakers and also a place to list the recent blogs.

Event Listing with Grid & List View

As an event management website, the pages that are of utmost importance is the event listing page. The template comes with three separate HTML files. Two of them are event listing pages that list the events in form of columns and grids while the third file contains a single image description.

Gallery with Multiple Column Options

Im Event comes with a great looking gallery that also has a lightbox and a slideshow option. You can display up to four columns of thumbnails in the gallery page. The minimum value is two columns. The number of columns will automatically fall back to the appropriate value when the screen is not big enough.

Includes Numerous Extra Pages

The template comes with a lot of extra pages too. These include the 404-error page and the coming soon page. Other than these, it also comes with extra blog pages and search results pages. The blog pages include the single blog page and the blog listing page. There are three separate coming soon pages, each featuring a different design

A Dedicated “Contact Us” Page

A separate page is also included allowing visitors to get in touch with the website owner. The page consists of an interactive map powered by Google maps. You can pan and zoom on the map and even use street view. Plus, from the contact us page, the visitor can directly send an email to the administrator or the owner.



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  • 2 Home variations
  • 100% Responsive
  • Multiple color options
  • Grid and View listings available
  • More than one home page choices
  • 24×7 Customer care
  • Wide & Boxed version
  • Event listing with grid & list view
  • Error page, Blog pages and coming soon pages
  • Contact us


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