EventMe – Corporate Event Landing WordPress Theme

EventMe Corporate Event Landing WordPress Theme

For any sort of corporate events, EventMe is a great WordPress theme to set up an event landing website in a matter of minutes. An event website requires a lot of intricate details besides just the date, time and place. If it’s an event that spans multiple days, then the guests and participants will also need access to amenities such as a place to stay, restaurants, parking places and more. Event details such as ticket prices as well as a ticketing system should be considered. These take a lot of time if it has to do manually. Fortunately, EventMe is a complete solution that integrates all the necessary requirements of an event landing page in a single theme.

2 different slides

Depending on the personal preferences, you have two slide options that you can show right when the page loads up. Each of the slides contains the event name, as well as the countdown timer to the event with a register button. One slide as the text aligned to the left whereas one has the content centre alighted.

Based on your choice you can pick any one of the slides, and also set a background image. The registration button brings up a dialogue box where visitors can directly register to your website. You can obviously customize the registration form according to your needs.

Speaker schedules

Corporate events have a hectic timeline. EventMe provides an intuitive schedule to your visitors with a clean timeline view. You can show the entire timeline for one day and have programs of each day in separate tabs. EventMe allows you to organize events into multiple tabs and use multiple timelines. You can obviously change the layout in whatever way you want.

For each event post, you can create a separate blog, show the event name, speaker name, image, time, location, and a description of the event.

Client Testimonials

Let your visitors know what your clients think about your previous events. You can have client testimonials in automatically rotating sliders. You can also include the client name and the client photograph in the client testimonials.

About Event Section

The about event section allows you to put pretty much anything to describe the event. Out of the box, it comes with an image gallery and a small text section. However, you can change that by adding videos, embedded content. links and more.

Speaker details section

A speaker details section allows you to put more details about all the speakers taking part in the event. You can put speaker photographs, names, posts or profession, as well as a short description. You can also put links to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+

Pricing tables

Let your clients know the cost of ticket prices using the dedicated ticketing section. You can have different tickets for people attending different events and you can even provide them with extra amenities. For people attending a multiple-day event, you can even provide a staying place and set the ticket price accordingly.

Highlights section

Let people know about the important topics of your event. A separate highlights section allows you to list out the important parts of your event.

Free Visual Composer

When you purchase EventMe, you also get access to Visual Composer. A visual Composer is a tool that allows you to modify the contents of the web pages, as well as build pages from scratch without writing a piece of code. It is a must-have tool when you are purchasing a theme since it quickly allows you to modify the contents of the theme. You can also create new pages by taking elements of the theme.

The visualComposer also allows you to preview your website in different screen sizes. So, right from the desktop, you can also check out how your website will look on a tablet or a smartphone. Visual Composer usually costs $35. However, you get it along with the EventMe theme package and you do not have to pay a single dime to enable it.

Responsive layout, with Owl carousel

EventMe is made using Bootstrap 3. It is one of the most popular HTML5 and CSS3 based framework that provides the clean looking responsive website. With a responsive website, you can be assured that your site scales properly no matter what the screen size is. The layout would adjust accordingly depending on the type of device. So, on a smartphone, it would sport a touch-friendly UI with enlarged easy to read text whereas,on desktops, it would make use of the large screen and provide the UI for keyboard and mouse input. In a responsive website, this happens automatically.

EventMe uses the same framework that makes Twitter a responsive website. Hence, you can be assured that your site will work on all devices.

The sliders on EventMe uses the Owl Carousel framework. Owl Carousel allows users to touch, drag and swipe sliders, as if it was imaged on a native application. Integration of this touch-friendly solution also makes the mobile experience better.

Built-in style selector

Customizing the website can be quite a hassle. To customize, you have to select a colour palette, font styles and more. However, EventMe comes with a built-in style selector that is powered by the Redux Framework. Redux Framework is an extensible WordPress framework for WordPress themes and plugins that allows option panels to be built easily and, in a user-friendly manner. This means that the site admin can easily browse the different styles, apply them or switch them.

Moreover, if you want to tweak the intricate settings, then you can do that too. You can select any colour for any component you want.

Supports Google Fonts

Pick any of the free Google Fonts that are available online for your website and apply them in just a couple of clicks. EventMe has support for all the Google fonts.

MailChimp ready

You can easily communicate with all your attendees using emails, thanks to MailChimp integration. You can send newsletters to your subscribers as well as update them about the upcoming event details.

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  • Support Childtheme
  • Free Visual Composer $28
  • Support Shortcode
  • WPML ready
  • Support Google Font
  • Support contact form 7
  • Mailchimp wp
  • Theme Options with Redux Framework
  • Unlimited Color
  • Support LTR & RTL
  • Register Event
  • Store client register event

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23 May 2018
– [Update] Visual Composer Version 5.4.7

29 Nov 2017
– [Update] Visual Composer to version 5.4.5

18 AUG 2017
– [Update] Visual Composer to version 5.2.1
– [Update] FontAwesome to version 4.7.0

29 Mar 2017
– Update visual composer to version 5.1

30 Dec 2016
– Update visual composer to version 5.0.1
– Update Child Theme
– Update Demo Content

21 October 2016
– Update visual composer to version 4.12.1

Update version 2.5.2: 30 Jul 2016
– Update visual composer to version 4.12
– Fix mobile menu

Update version 2.5.1: 14 April 2016
– Update visual composer to version 4.11.2
– Fix js in wordpress version 4.5

Update version 2.5: 12/18/2015
– Update visual composer to version 4.9

Update version 2.4: 10/07/2015
– Update visual composer to version 4.7.4

Update version 2.3: 09/07/2015
– Update visual composer to version 4.7
– Update button shortcode

Update version 2.2: 06/27/2015
– Update security: prettyPhoto library
– Update visual composer to version 4.5.3

– Update Visual Composer to latest version
– Add some configs (choose position menu and choose layout for each post/page
– Improve some config for element of visual composer: Sponsors, Pricing
– Update theme options: Allow insert label and text for some section: You haven’t change text in php file.
– Remove twitter plugin and instead by ova twitter

– Update Visual Composer


– Fix bug: RTL and LTR


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