EventMe – Responsive Event Landing Page

EventMe Responsive Event Landing Page

EventMe is a complete solution for Business or Corporate event websites. This HTML theme comes with a clean and validated code that can seamlessly integrate with multiple platforms. It comes with a lot of modern features such as a responsive design, responsive sliders supporting gestures, working registration forms that need no back-end coding, built in ticketing setup and more. With its clean and minimal design, it is the perfect theme for any formal event.

Flat, modern and clean design.

EventMe comes with a flat and modern design that takes after the modern design languages such as the Modern UI on Windows and the Material design on Android. The design uses flat colours without the use of gradients or drops shadows that do not only look clean but also keeps the size of the web page much smaller. EventMe also makes use of full-screen images, large margins, a lot of white space to make sure the page does not look cluttered. The design also includes the layout which has been carefully organized to ensure that the visitors do not miss out on any information. All the details, such as the event description, the schedule, the speakers and more are organized serially.

Extensive selection of modules

EventMe ha a large selection of modules or sections that you can use or organize the event information. Right in the beginning of the page, you have a slider with a countdown timer that can be easily configured to tell you what time is left before the event starts. Moreover, you can also insert link buttons and text fields in the slider too. By default, it comes with a link button that opens the registration form.

Below that, you have the space to describe the event in brief. You can use text as well as the iconography provided by FontAwesome. The schedule is located below that which features an interesting timeline view. The schedule for each day is organized into tabs. Here, you can share social links, add photos, add text and more. Next, you can add the photos, names and description of the speakers. The speaker details come with amazing hover effects too. There is also a section for testimonials.  Furthermore, there is a gallery, the space to showcase the blogs, sponsors, social media feed and more. A separate section is provided for the ticket prices too. At the bottom, you have the location and the contact forms.

100% Responsive

EventMe is a completely responsive solution. This allows EentMe to work with almost all mobile devices. You do not have to invest extra time and money in making a mobile website. The existing website automatically adjusts itself to fit on smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones. Moreover, even on desktops, it can work in a browser window that is not using the full-screen size.

Uses Twitter Bootstrap

EventMe uses the same framework as Twitter. The Bootstrap 3 web development framework is a developer friendly framework that makes it very easy to design web pages. With Bootstrap 3, you can simply include the style sheets and scripts in your page and by assigning the class id to elements, you can stylize them, or make them interactive. With EventMe, you can build web pages that look similar to the theme in the same way. The usage of Twitter Bootstrap also makes the website responsive.

EventMe also comes with a clean documented code so you will know what changes have been made over the original Bootstrap 3 framework to build the EventMe Theme. Bootstrap, by default, provides a lot of elements for web pages, such as buttons, lists, menus, forms and more. These are also available in EventMe with the custom styling of this theme. This makes it easy to customize and even build new pages with the theme.


Like most modern websites, EventMe is based on HTML5. One of the major advantages of HTML5 themes is the cleaner markup code. Most of the div tags can now be replaced with more meaningful semantic HTML5 tags. HTML5 also allows embedding interactive elements without the use of technologies such as Adobe Flash and Silverlight. HTML5 can work with these technologies too, while also being able to embed animated images, vector elements, drawings and videos without even using these technologies. HTML5, by itself, is a very rich way of designing web pages. With the HTML5 code base, you can create the complete web application. For example, if you are planning to turn the EventMe-based website into an app, you can do that, thanks to the underlying HTML5 code base. Progressive Web Apps are quite easy to build using HTML5 that does not even need a distribution platform. These apps have offline cache too. This means people can also view your website, check out the event details and schedule even when they are not online. This is a unique feature of HTML5. Moreover, HTML5 supports geolocation. If you want to give your visitors the directions to your event location, you can now do that by simply asking for their location and then using a Maps API to provide them with directions. Styling with CSS3 improves the coding. It keeps the styling and the layout separate. Moreover, it allows fast and easy development. With EventMe, you get the custom CSS files too, that allows you to import the style of the theme into any web page you are working on.

FontAwesome – 369 Icons

With FontAwesome, you get 369 separate icons that are provided as font glyphs. You can use these icons like text and you can also make changes to these icons as you can format text. It is quite easy to change the colour and size of the icons. Since the icons are provided as fonts, you can change the size freely without worrying about pixelated images. This is quite helpful for responsive websites where the icons will have different sizes based on the device screen size.

Extra Pages

EventMe also comes with extra pages such as the blog pages, the blog list, along with 404 and coming soon pages.


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  • Flat, modern and clean design.
  • 100% Fully Responsive. View your website on any popular device.
  • Multiple sliding options
  • Easy to register for events
  • Shows client testimonials
  • Separate Pricing table
  • Twitter Bootstrap. Developer friendly code based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • FontAwesome – 369 Icons
  • Countdowns.
  • Timelines.
  • PSD included.
  • Added RTL layout option for arabic language etc
  • Paypal payment option which redirect user to paypal for payment
  • Added 404
  • IE Fixes
  • Mailchimp Ready
  • Blog pages

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