Eventry – Conference Event Landing Page WordPress Theme

Eventry Conference Event Landing Page WordPress Theme

In need of a WordPress theme for an Event website that is just ready out of the box with minimal setup? Eventry is a WordPress theme from Jthemes that is designed to take care of all your event hosting needs. The theme works for most corporate events, such as meetings, conferences, or even exhibitions. It is also a complete event management solution that you can use to cover entertainment events also, such as performance shows or movie screenings, even though it is exclusively designed for formal events. Eventry can be customized as needed and come with a set of versatile modules that can be personalized as required.

Four different Homepages

With Eventry, you get four different home pages. The first things that you see when the home page loads up are different in the four different variants. However, as you scroll down, the contents of the page will be more or less the same. You would not compromise on anything if you chose a certain home screen style.

The first one is a simple background image with a text overlay. The full-screen image can be replaced with multiple rotating images. However, the single static image looks quite professional and loads up quite quickly. This works very well on low connection speeds.

If you can afford to increase the size of the page, then you can also include a video in the background. The video looks quite creative, however, if you do not put the correct video format, it may not play on some devices. Moreover, it also does increase the loading times.

A third option has a simple image and text that is centre-aligned, along with a countdown timer. This is quite handy to show your visitors in short how much time is left before the event starts. You still can put all the text that you want along with the countdown timer.

The final options also use a simple text description over the image but use a different layout. Functionally, this is quite similar to the first style and you have a similar scope of customization as far as the beginning of the landing page is concerned.

10 Predefined colour schemes

Deciding on a colour scheme can be quite hard if you have to do it manually. However, Eventry comes with a set of predefined colours that will suffice the needs of most companies. Moreover, these colours are defined to ensure that content visibility is not hampered while keeping the formal looks of the website intact.

If you want to want, you can also choose any colours using HTML colour codes, especially if you need the website to go along with the branding that has been used in a different website.

Countdown Timer Widget

Even if you get a different homepage layout, you can access the countdown timer as a widget in any page you want. You can insert the widget in the home page, or any other page so that the visitors will have an idea when the event starts. The widget automatically picks up the time of the device and uses that to calculate the time of the event. This allows the widget to work in any time zones.

Responsive layout with a responsive event schedule

Eventry is a responsive website like most common websites on the internet now. Eventry uses the Bootstrap framework that allows Twitter to scale to well on mobile devices. Responsive websites adapt to the device they are being displayed on. So, if you are viewing the website on a smaller device, such as a smartphone, some of the content will be hidden automatically, the content will be automatically resized and the layout will be changed to adapt to the smaller touch-friendly device.

Eventry goes a step further to make even the event schedule responsive. The event schedule is the most important part of the website that contains the date and time of each individual events, the list of events for each day are organized into different tabs. For each event, you can enter the speaker photograph and details as well as the event details in a row.On a smaller phone, the tab row turns into a list of tabs while the rows collapse to show you the content of the entire row in a list.

Working Pre-register form

You do not need to work very hard to get the registrations done. Out of the box, the pre-registration forms work where the messages are directly sent to any predefined email address. This does not require any particular developer skills to set up. You can easily customize the form, if needed, using the provided free Visual Composer.

Working Directions form

Anyone can get a direction to the event location via the map and the form provided on the landing page. Any visitor can enter their current location and get directions from their location to the event location from the website using Google Maps. On mobile devices with Google Maps installed, the app will open with the directions. This is a great convenience feature.

Included Blog listing and blog pages

If you want to include blogs to your event management or event hosting website, you can also do that with the included blog pages.

Multiple sections with Shortcodes

You get dedicated sections for listing out ticket prices and details, portfolio, speaker details and more. Moreover, all of these are also accessible via Shortcodes and hence do not need much coding knowledge at all for setup.

Visual Composer Included

Eventry can be customized and set up without any development knowledge at all. The Visual Composer plugin for WordPress is included in the package when you purchase Eventry. Visual Composer is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to add or modify pages, preview them in real time on multiple devices without any coding knowledge. You do not need to know anything about HTML, CSS, JS or about working with Bootstrap. Using Visual Composer, you can simply drag-and-drop elements into place, edit text like you would with a word processor.

Works on all browsers

Eventry works with virtually any browser, even mobile browsers. It is built using the modern web standards and is compatible with all standard browsers.


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  • Free Visual Composer plugin
  • 6 home pages version
  • Unlimited Color
  • Layout flexible: Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar, Full width
  • Support Multi-Page
  • Wide & Boxed version
  • Live Customize
  • Countdown event
  • Support Eventbrite
  • Support Multi Page Compatibility Woocommerce
  • Support Google Font
  • Support contact form 7
  • Support mail chimp
  • *.pot Ready
  • Include demo content
  • Responsive layout
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Html5 / Css3
  • Documentation Step by Step

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Version 1.1.5: 23 May 2018
- Update Visual Composer Plugin version 5.4.7
Version 1.1.4: 29 Nov 2017
- Update Visual Composer Plugin version 5.4.5
Version 1.1.3: 22 Aug 2017
- Update Visual Composer Plugin
Version 1.1.2: 29 Mar 2017
- Update Visual Composer Plugin
Version 1.1.1: 9 Mar 2017
- Fix change color in customize
Version 1.1: 13 JAN 2017
- Fix: Video Popup Link
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