GoShop – Multipurpose Ecommerce WordPress Theme

GoShop Multipurpose Ecommerce WordPress Theme

GoShop is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is built from the scratch for e-commerce applications. It is a simple, easy to use, yet a highly-customizable solution. Moreover, it comes with completely working store demos right out of the box so that you can use them right away. GoShop comes with working components, such as the cart, search and the contact form. The theme also comes with three different home screen variants.

GoShop is not only one of the easiest themes to work with, but it also comes with endless customizations. Thanks to the included page builder, working with GoShop is even easier. Here are some of the key features of the theme.

Three Home Page styles

GoShop comes with three different homepage layouts. The layouts are similar when it comes to the contents. However, the design is slightly different. You can switch between the different layouts even after you have launched the website. The styling of individual components is changed. This ensures that the website keeps looking new but does not hamper the shopping experience. The user interface is quite similar to that modern shopping websites so that users do not have any difficulty while shopping on your online store.

18 different working demos

For each of the styles, there are six different working demos, totalling 18 demos. The demos are completely working websites that you can try out. Every front-end component, such as the search bar, the cart, the product pages or the contact form are working. To make sure they work after installation on your WordPress site, you have to do minor configurations.

You get ready-made stores for Fashion, Electronics, Shoes, Jewelry and Sunglasses category. A default category is designed as a bicycle store.

Rev Slider implementation

GoShop comes with Rev Slider, also known as Slider Revolution implementation. It is a framework that is specifically built for sliders with complex animations. Slider Revolution is a simple plugin that you can install for your WordPress website, customize it and publish it. However, the plug-in is already integrated into the GoShop theme allowing you to create sliders with complex animations. You can make sliders for the entire front page, a simple slider background or a carousel. Slider revolution allows you to add contents in layers and animate them. You can blur them, add parallax effects, mask effects and a whole lot more. With the Slider Revolution, GoShop comes alive with fluid motions and rich effects.

Drag n Drop page builder

GoShop comes with a page builder that allows you to customize the theme without any development skills. The included drag and drop page builder allows you to customize the theme right in your browser. You do not have to install any plugins or programs for it to work. Moreover, it is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get style page builder where you can simply drag and drop elements in place to build a new page or customize an existing one. The page builder allows web admins to make changes both small and large very quickly. There is no steep learning curve involved and anyone can use it to make changes to the website.

List and Grid View Show Page

There are two formats in which you can list the products on the website. You can use a list view, as well as a grid view. The grid view fits more products in the view, but compromises on the product information that it can show. The list view shows lesser products in a single view but allows you to show more product details in the list itself. The users can switch easily between the list and grid views.

Unlimited Preset colours

GoShop comes with unlimited colour presents. You can pick any accent colour for the website using HTML codes. You can even define colours of individual classes of elements. By changing colours, you can totally change the look of the website. If you already have a branding for your company, then this can help you tune the website’s looks to match that branding.

Built using Bootstrap 3.3

GoShop is built using Bootstrap 3.3. Bootstrap is a great framework that allows you to make fast customizations and speed up the development process. Bootstrap is highly customization, comes with very consistent design and good support. Moreover, Bootstrap is responsive, allowing your device to run on multiple devices easily. Bootstrap has been used as a development framework for decades and having a website built using such a trusted and proven framework ensures that your website does not appear broken anywhere.

100% responsive

GoShop is a 100% responsive website. This allows GoShop to run perfectly on smartphones with smaller screens. A responsive website is automatically scaled and rearranged by the browser to fit the device. Having a responsive website means easier updates and low-cost maintenance. You do not have to maintain a separate website for mobile devices anymore. Moreover, having a mobile-friendly website will also increase the page rank in search engines.

Google Web Fonts support

Fonts make up a major part of the user interface. You will have no shortage when it comes to font selection. GoShop supports Google Web Fonts. Google Web Fonts is an online collection of free fonts that one can download and use for their websites. With GoShop, you can easily pick any font that is listed on Google Web Fonts.

RTL ready

GoShop is ready for multilingual use. Moreover, it supports both left to right and right to left texts. So, if you are translating your website into a language that has the right to left text, then, with GoShop, you will not experience any compatibility issues.

Over 50 Shortcodes elements

With GoShop, you get over 50 Shortcodes elements that allow you to effortlessly insert elements in blogs or in any other parts of web pages. Shortcodes, by default, allows you to insert audio, captions, videos, galleries, playlists and more. However, with GoShop, you get a lot more Shortcodes that you can use on your website when you are publishing content.


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  • 3 home page styles, and 18 home page demos.
  • List and Grid View shop page
  • Unlimited Preset Color
  • Unlimited Sidebar/widget setup option
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Rev-Slider included
  • Bootstrap 3.3 Framework
  • 100% responsive
  • 350+ Icons – FontAwesome
  • Detailed Documentation
  • 50+ Shortcode Elements
  • Easy to Use Google Fonts
  • RTL Ready

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