GoShop – Premium HTML Ecommerce Template

GoShop Premium HTML Ecommerce Template

Want a theme for your e-commerce store that will speed up the development process? Then, GoShop is the premium HTML theme that you are looking for. GoShop comes with all the features that are needed by any business to run an online store. Plus, it uses the modern web technologies and provides you with an expandable and futureproof solution. Moreover, GoShop has a large selection of pre-built websites that you can directly use with minimal configuration. Here are some of the reasons why you need to buy GoShop for your online store.

3 Unique Home Page Styles With 7 Pre-Built Stores

GoShop provides you with 3 homepage layouts. These layouts have a different hero image and differently designed sections. However, all the pages contain the same number of sections. You will not miss out on anything if you picked one version over the other. Each of the variants come with a hero image, a new arrival section, product listing, featured brands, featured product categories, blog posts and more.

Now, for each of these 3 versions, there are 7 pre-built stores. There are a default version and six other version that includes fashion, jewellery, electronics, sunglasses, shoes and toys. If you are selling products from any of these categories, then you can use these directly.

5 Types of Product Listing Pages

Product listing is essential when you are listing search results or displaying products from a featured category. There are five different product listing options that are available. The five different styles include a full-width product listing page, a listing page with a right sidebar, and one with a left sidebar. An alternate listing style is also included with a right and left sidebar. So, you get a total of 5 styles.

You also get the single product page that comes with the product photo gallery. A section is included for the description, another for the specifications. There is also a review section.

Quick View for Product Listing

Quick view is one of the most important features and is being now included by a lot of online retailers. With GoShop, you too get the provision of implementing Quick view. The buttons are already provided and you simply need to write code for the backend to make it work.

Newsletter Popup

An automated newsletter popup is provided when the page first loads. However, it is quite unobtrusive. Users can easily dismiss it by clicking the close button or tapping anywhere else on the screen.

Login Popup

GoShop comes with a login popup that prevents users from going to a separate page for the login process. There is also provision for social login.

Mega Menu with Multi-Level Menu Styles

GoShop comes with a massive menu with a lot of items. It is very common in online shopping stores to have a single menu which lists all the product categories and also has provisions to add images. You can also add sub menus in the provided menus. This allows you to make large and yet organized menus which makes navigating the store very easy.

Includes PSD Files Worth $13 For Free

When working with a website, the graphical assets of the template makes the designing process very easy. The Photoshop Documents or the PSD files make editing the assets much easier. Moreover, you can also export assets for multiple devices and in web-friendly formats. The PSD files that are used to design GoShop are also included with the template free of cost.

Has Support for RTL Languages

If you want to include RTL languages while building a multilingual website, then you can do that using the GoShop template. GoShop can work flawlessly with Arabic and Hebrew languages.

Includes A Large Number of Additional Pages

An online store requires a large number of pages besides just the home pages and the product listing pages. These pages include the account management pages, the cart and the checkout, and a lot more. The pages that are provided includes:

8 My Account Pages

There are 8 separate pages for account management. These pages include the following:

  1. My Account Page: My Account page is a top-level page that allows you to access all the pages that are related to your account. From here, you can go to the pages where you can edit your account information, or where you can see your order history. This page contains the link to all the other pages.
  2. Account Information: Here, you can update your name, your address and your contact details.
  3. Change Password: A dedicated page is provided for you to change the password of your account.
  4. Address Books: The address book allows the user to update their own address. Moreover, if you want the website to have an address directory for each user, then you can use this page to do so too.
  5. Order History: The user can view his or her previous orders on this page.
  6. Reviews and Ratings: Here, the user can see which products he or she has rated and reviewed.
  7. Return Requests: A dedicated page that is used to show the return requests raised by the user
  8. Newsletter: A page to list all the subscriptions that are made by the user.

Cart & Checkout Page

An essential part of any shopping store, the cart and the checkout pages are also included in the template.

404 & Coming Soon Pages

These utility pages come in quite handy. The coming soon page acts as a placeholder for the website. It is a great way to provide information about the upcoming website to potential visitors. The custom 404 page allows the user to quickly get back to the home page or the previous page.

Blog Pages

Often, present-day online stores too come with blogs. If you want to write a blog that is related to the store or business, you can do that using the three extra blog pages that are provided with the template.

Contact & About Us Page

Additional pages for providing contact information and also for describing the store or business is provided with the template.


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  • 3 Unique Home Pages
  • 5 Category Product Listing Page
  • Quick View for Product Listing
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Login Popup
  • Mega Menu, Multi Level Menu Styles
  • PSD files worth $13 for free
  • RTL Added
  • 8 My Account Pages
  • Cart & Checkout Page
  • 404 & Coming Soon Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • Contact & About Us Page
  • Total 27 HTML Templates
  • Elite Support

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