Helium – 10 in 1 Landing Pages Package

Helium 10 in 1 Landing Pages Package

The home page or the landing page creates the first impression for all websites. If you want to create a website that comes with not only a stunning webpage but also a functional one, then look no further than the 10 in 1 landing page that is provided in the Helium HTML template. Helium not only provides you with the landing pages but also includes some extra pages that can help you with projects both small and large. Moreover, Helium uses a responsive web design and is built using popular web development frameworks.

10 Different Landing Pages

The USP of helium is the 10 different landing pages that you get with it. Each landing page serves a different purpose. Each of the ten pages come with a different hero section and different a layout. Some of the hero sections contain sliders, some contain static images. You can also add YouTube videos in these backgrounds. The number of sections that are present in the layouts is also different. Some have app screenshot sections, some contain galleries. Not all sections are common across all the layouts. Hence, you need to have a look at all the landing pages and see which one contains all the sections that you need. However, you can customize and mix the content of two landing pages to get all the sections you need on a single page.

Working PHP/AJAX powered forms

The forms in the Helium template are all working out of the box and need minimum configuration to be integrated with the back-end. All of these forms are powered using PHP and AJAX that run on the client side. This prevents the web page from reloading to send the data to the server.

Extra Pages

Multiple extra pages are provided to aid with the website design process. Helium focuses on the landing pages, but also provides other utility pages that bring the content from the different sections of the landing page into other pages. In these dedicated pages, you can add more details. The pages that are included are:

  • About: The about page is a mandatory page that is seen in most websites. You can use this to talk about the company, website or the product.
  • Services: You can use the services page to talk about the different services that are offered by the business. These pages are crucial for individual freelancers, small or medium sized businesses and even for bloggers.
  • FAQ: If the website is related to a product or a service, the FAQ page can also be used to provide additional details.

3 Portfolio Layouts

Showcase your previous work using the portfolio section. The portfolio section has three different layouts and you can choose from any one of them depending on how many items you want to list in a single page. The portfolio pages make use of the PrettyPhoto lightbox.

Additional Blog Pages

An absolute essential for bloggers – helium also consists of the blog pages that are required to maintain a blog. You get the blog listing page as well as the single post page. All the pages have the necessary elements that are there on any blogging website.

You can customize the blog listing by picking any one of the five layout options. There is a list view and a grid view. The list view has three sidebar options – sidebar on the left, sidebar on the right or no sidebar. In the case of the grid view, you have a two column and three column layouts.

The single blog post page allows you to add a featured hero image or a featured video. You can embed contents in the blog, display comments, an author bio and more.

Interactive Google Map in Contact Page

The contact page comes with a full-width interactive version of the Google Map with multiple functionalities that are also present in the Google Maps website. You can switch between map and satellite view. You can zoom the map in and out, and even use the street view.

Comes with Video Pop-up Feature

Helium also comes with a view pop-up feature. You can use the pop-up video in home pages as well as in your blog posts. The view pop-up provides a lightbox for your video where the rest of the viewport is dimmed.

Supports RTL Version for Arabic/Hebrew Languages

Helium also supports right-to-left scripts that are often used to write Arabic and Hebrew text.

Comes with Font Awesome Icons

Helium uses Font Awesome icons. These icons are provided as fonts where you can use the icons easily along with the text. You can also change the size and colour of the icons according to your needs. This would not have been possible with icons that are provided as images. Moreover, these are vector icons. Which means the icons would not appear blurry no matter how much you increase their size.

Includes Pricing Tables

Helium also includes Pricing tables that you can use to show the prices of your product or services. You can include the different pricing tiers as well as what is included in each of these tiers.

SEO Optimized Code

With Helium, search engines can better index the content on your website. The site is properly segmented and the code is clean, allowing crawlers to better index the relevant content of your website.

Built Using HTML5 & CSS3, Features Responsive Web Design

Helium makes use of the modern web standards. It is built using the most popular web development framework – Bootstrap 3. This allows Helium to be completely responsive and work flawlessly on smartphones and tablets too. Moreover, helium will work on all browsers that support HTML5 and CSS3. This can help you reach a much wider audience.

A responsive webpage means that you do not need to make a separate website for devices with smaller screens. This saves a lot of cost during the development process as well as during the maintenance.

MailChimp Integration

Helium provides MailChimp integration that allows you to work with email newsletters by modifying a few simple settings.


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  • Clean & Modern design
  • 10 Unique layouts
  • Mailchimp Ready Form
  • Bootstrap 3 Framework
  • PHP/Ajax forms
  • Working Contact Forms
  • Google Map
  • Video popup
  • RTL Version for Arabic/Hebrew Languages
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • SEO Friendly
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Fully Responsive
  • Elite Support
  • Extra Pages
    • About
    • Services
    • FAQ
    • 3 Portfolio
    • Blog listing
    • Single Blog

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