HUGE – Multipurpose HTML Template

HUGE Multipurpose HTML Template

No matter what web development project you are taking up, HUGE is the only HTML template you will ever need. HUGE, as the name implies, comes with a massive number of web pages, multiple sections, tabs, accordions, and other UI elements that are needed to make a website. It is a complete website building kit that can serve you through multiple projects.

Besides having a massive number of UI elements, HUGE also comes with clean and commented code and uses standard web development frameworks, such as Bootstrap, to get the job done. Here are some of the key features of HUGE.

Massive Selection of UI Elements

What sets apart HUGE from the rest of the template is its sheer size. It comes with multiple slider designs, header designs, header styles, portfolios, blogs, counters, tabs and a whole lot more. Multiple variations of every UI elements has been provided. You can mix and match these elements to create thousands of websites, each unique in its own way. Moreover, all the elements are based on the familiar technologies such as Bootstrap and jQuery. This makes integrating each the different components much easier. The following is a complete list of the components that you get when you purchase HUGE.

  • 7 Full Website Demos: Use these demos to check out the implementation of the various components.
  • 28 Animated Slider Designs: Multiple slider options including animated text and images, static images, video background and more.
  • 21 Pre-defined Home Layouts: Get started easily with your project by using any of the pre-defined home layouts. You can also make single-page websites with these home layouts.
  • 55 Header Styles: headers include light and dark versions, as well as sticky and non-sticky versions. This is the complete solution to website headers in a single package.
  • 38 Fullwidth Sections: Full width sections allow you to insert whatever you want in pre-defined designs. You can add forms, link buttons, or even textual content in these sections.
  • 42 Icon Styles: Multiple different iconography styles are provided to adapt to the requirements of any web development project.
  • 21 Portfolio Styles: Multiple portfolio styles with galleries and lightboxes that allow the visitor to showcase the work
  • 20 Team Member Styles: Tell more about your team with the multiple team member sections.
  • 20 Pricing Table Styles: Pricing table is crucial for any business. Hence there are 20 styles that are provided.
  • 10 Blog Layouts: For both businesses and individuals, 10 blog posts styles are provided to take care of all the blogging needs.
  • 14 Coming Soon and 404 Error Page Layouts: These extra utility pages can act as placeholder pages for where the site is under construction, or when an error occurs.
  • 10 Loading Page Layouts: If you implemented a website with lazy loading, then loading screen can make the user experience quite engaging. You get 10 loading screens to choose from.
  • 10 Image Gallery Designs: Showcase your photographs using multiple styles of image galleries.

Besides these numerous components, the HUGE website template package includes 20 Client Testimonial Styles, 10 Post Slider Designs, 15 Message and CTA Styles, 12 Login/Signup Form Styles, 10 Contact Form Designs, 10 Client/Brand Logo Styles, and 10 Post Slider Designs. Furthermore, the list of custom elements includes 29 Progress and Counter Styles, 20 Content Tabs Styles, 20 Unique Footer Styles, 10 Image Box Styles, 20 Heading Styles, 20 Dropdown Menu Styles, and 20 Accordion and Toggle Styles.

Ready to Use Demos

The Demo websites are a complete website solution that does not even require you to build the frontend solution. If you have the backend working, you can simply integrate the demos with it and with minimum changes to the frontend, you will get a complete working website. There are demos for creative agencies, product or business launch, app websites and more.

Completely Customizable

Not only can you customize the pages, but you can also customize each of the user elements that are in this theme. This is possible because of the clean and commented code that allows you to understand the content of the HTML files.

A Clean and Modern Design

Build for the modern web, this extensive selection of HTML templates adheres to the modern designing language. The templates sport a semi-flat design with lots of negative space. This provides a clean user interface with high visibility and readability. Also, it uses colour palettes with a minimal number of shades, large and clean typography and a lot of photographs.

Since all the components share the same design language, they can be mixed easily to make a single website. The demo websites provide a good insight into which designs go together. Then again, you are free to choose between whatever styles you want.

Uses Google Fonts

Google provides a large collection of web fonts that work with all devices. You can use any of those fonts when building websites using HUGE.

A Complete Solution

HUGE is not a solution for building home pages. It is a complete solution. Besides the home layout, it also contains multiple pre-built pages, such as the blog pages, the shopping cart, the checkout pages, the product pages, contact pages, about us pages and all the other extras that a website requires. This is truly the ultimate website building kit.

Built From Bootstrap 3

At the core of HUGE is the Bootstrap 3 web development framework. Most web developers are familiar with Bootstrap. It provides a framework of useful controls, page layouts and scripts using which web developers can easily design lightweight, responsive, and functional web pages. With HUGE, you get all the benefits of Bootstrap, the primary one being responsive web pages.

With HUGE, your pages will scale automatically depending on the screen size of the device. The layout will also adjust automatically. You do not require a separate mobile website when you are building with HUGE. It not only saves time and money during development but also makes maintenance much easier. The hundreds of components that are in HUGE are tested to be compatible with mobile devices.



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  • 7 Full Website Demos
  • 28 Powerful Slide Designs
  • 21 Pre-defined Home Layouts
  • 55 Header Unique Styles
  • 38 Fullwidth Sections
  • 42 Icon Feature Styles
  • 21 Unique Portfolio Styles
  • 20 Unique Team Member Styles
  • 20 Unique Pricing Table Styles
  • 10 Unique Blog Layouts
  • 14 Unique Coming Soon and 404 Error Page Layouts
  • 10 Loading Page Layouts
  • 29 Progress and Counter Styles
  • 20 Content Tabs Styles
  • 20 Client Testimonial Styles
  • 10 Post Slider Designs
  • 20 Unique Footer Styles
  • 15 Messge and CTA Styles
  • 12 Login/Signup Form Styles
  • 10 Image Box Styles
  • 20 Heading Styles
  • 10 Image Gallery Designs
  • 10 Contact Form Designs
  • 20 Dropdown Menu Styles
  • 10 Client/Brand Logo Styles
  • 10 Post Slider Designs
  • 20 Unique Accordion and Toggle Styles
  • 10 Post Slider Designs
  • Modern Design Created for 2015
  • 100% Fully Customizable
  • Designed Using Google Fonts
  • Tons of Unique Layouts and Pages
  • Maximum Usage of Negative Space
  • Responsive Bootstrap 3 Based layouts
  • and much moreā€¦


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