im Event – Event Conference Landing Page

im Event – Event Conference Landing Page


Im Event is an HTML theme for events and conferences. Designing websites from scratch for events and conferences can be quite difficult if you do not have the proper resources. This is where Im Event comes quite handy. Im Event allows youdesign an event or a conference website with very little time and effort. Moreover, it also comes with a bunch of free items that allows you to make a website that will truly stand out from the rest. Here are some of the key features of Im Event.

Comes with Free Background Music

If you are making a website for any kind of festivals, then you can add a background music to set the mood. With Im Event, the background music worth $150 is included already. There are three mp3 tracks that you will get along with the theme that is created especially for the template. This is a great option for festivals such as Halloween, Christmas or Thanksgiving. More importantly, demo websites for these three themes are also included with the package. This makes it way easier to set up the website if you are planning for these events.

Included Festival Templates

Besides just a generic template, Im Event also comes with multiple festival templates. This allows you to put up a website really fast if you are planning a festival event, such as Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. Moreover, you can also use the music files to set the mood.

3 Coming Soon Pages Added

Depending on what festival you are planning for, you also get three separate coming soon pages.

Light & Dark Version

You get a dark and light version of each of the variants. The colour of the text and that of the other elements are defined properly to ensure decent visibility in both the themes. For corporate events, the light theme may be preferred to keep the look clean and minimal. The dark theme may appeal to those organizing some sort of fests, live performance and more.

Full Width and Boxed Layout Option

Im Event comes with two main layouts – the wide layout and the boxed layout. The wide layout uses the entire width of the screen in all instances. The boxed layout uses padding on both the sides. This allows the content to run down the centre with space for advertising banner on both the sides.

Countdown Option Slider

Do you want to tell your visitors exactly how much time is left till the event? You can do that now with the built-in countdown timer. You can display the timer in the slider on the homepage with minimal configuration.

RTL Layout Included

Im Event also includes right-to-left layout that allows you to translate the website into languages such as Arabic that are read from right to left. Besides Arabic, a lot of scripts on the web in use today are RTL. These include the Syriac, Samaritan, Mandaic languages and so on. With the right to left support, you can be sure that you can reach out to a lot more people.

15 Amazing Predefined Colors.

If you are confused about what colours to pick, then you can use the 15 predefined colours that are designed to work perfectly with all the variants of the theme. However, if you want, you can also define colours yourself using HTML codes. The ability to define custom colours is quite essential for corporate events where the branding of the company must match with that of the website.

Blog Pages And 404 Page Included

Im Event theme includes blog pages so that you can have blogs that share the same theme. Moreover, it also provides you with a dedicated 404 page.

Sliders with Forms

Save space on your website but putting forms in sliders. Instead of a long form that you have to navigate by scrolling, you can have forms in responsive sliders that you can swipe left and right to navigate across the entire form.

Working Registration and Contact Form

The registration and the contact form included in the theme are also functional. With minimal configuration, you can set up the site to have contact details and registration details mailed to a defined email address. No extra coding is needed for the contact and registration forms to work.

Donate Option for Nonprofit Organizations

The site also includes a donation option that allows visitors to donate to charity or non-profit organizations.

Intro Video in Slider

A dedicated variant has a slider that includes an an introductory video. This is quite a useful feature for those who want to include videos right at the top of pages.

Google Map Integrated

It is easier to find the location with Google Maps integration. Visitors can see the exact location of the event in the integrated and interactive Google Maps module.

PayPal Integration

Making payments is now easier, thanks to the PayPal integration. If you are selling tickets via Im Event, then you can directly take secure payments with the help of PayPal.

PSD Worth $10 Included

Im Event includes all the Photoshop files that were used to make the graphical assets of the website. You can use these files to fine tune the looks of the website very easily. Photoshop documents provide lossless uncompressed images that you can later export of PNG or JPEG for use on the web.

Built with Bootstrap3

Bootstrap is one of the most popular web development frameworks right now. Im Event is built from Bootstrap 3, making it a responsive and easily scalable website. With Bootstrap’s fluid grid system, Im Event can work on any screen size and device. This allows your site to automatically scale and rearrange on mobile devices, or devices with smaller screens. You do not have to separately invest for a mobile site. Moreover, Bootstrap 3 comes with a lot of elements in its package, such as menus, dropdowns and more. In the Im Event theme, these are already available, stylized to fit the aesthetics of the theme. So, you can also use Im Event to build new web pages and extend your website.



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  • Light & Dark Version
  • Full width and Boxed Layout option
  • Countdown option slider
  • RTL layout included for arabic site etc
  • Festival Templates (New Year, X’mas, Halloween,Thanks Giving Template Added
  • Paypal Payment option added
  • 3 Coming Soon Page Added
  • EventBrite Option Added
  • 2 404 Error Pages Added
  • Added Map pointer
  • Video Background
  • Special Halloween Version Included
  • 15 Amazing predefined colors.
  • Cool Slider options with Form inbuilt in slider
  • Blog pages and 404 page included
  • Working Registration and Contact form
  • Donate option for Non profit organisations
  • Intro video in slider
  • Google Map integrated
  • Paypal Integration
  • PSD worth $10 included
  • Built with Bootstrapp 3
  • Halloween Template Added
  • Documentation added for all major sections of template
  • And Many More…


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    • Festival Templates (New Year, X’mas, Halloween,Thanks Giving Template Added
    • Paypal Payment option added
    • 3 Coming Soon Page Added
    • EventBrite Option Added
    • 2 404 Error Pages Added
    • Added Map pointer

Ability to have images in circle and square too

  • Video Background
No Live Examples


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