im Event – Event & Conference WordPress Theme

im Event – Event & Conference WordPress Theme

im Event is a simple yet fully featured event hosting and management theme for WordPress that provides all that you will need for setting up such a website with very little effort. im Event also comes with three variants of mp3 audio tracks for the website that is worth $150. With im Event, you get these audio tracks for free and you can freely use them on your websites without any copyright infringement issues.

Besides coming with a lot of extras, im Event also comes with integrated payment, booking and donation pages. This makes it much easier to set up the website from scratch. Here are the features detailed:

Multiple different home screen versions

im Event ensures that all your design requirements are met with multiple different home screens. Each home screen version comes with different slider backgrounds. These sliders can be animated, have simple slideshows or even looping videos. Depending on how rich you want the design to be, you can pick any one you like. Moreover, each theme provides slightly different design elements. The image border, button colours and others are slightly different out of the box. Then again, you can customize them completely. You can combine multiple styles from each page and get

There is also a light and dark version, along with endless colour customization, comprehensive settings pages and easy modifications with the included visual composer.

Free Visual Composer

You no longer need web development skills or tweaking with HTML or CSS code to make changes to the webpage. The built-in visual composer allows you to make changes small and big on your website. Moreover, you can add or delete the page. You can compose new pages with the elements of the im Event WordPress Theme. So, if there is a particular page layout that you need and it is not included with the theme, then you can build it from scratch without having to worry about the theme looking out of place. You can simply drag-and-drop elements in place

By default, the Visual Composer plugin for WordPress is priced at $34. But you get it free with the im Event Theme. With Visual Composer, you can also edit the pages in real-time in a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get mode with live previews of the website across multiple screen sizes.

Unlimited colours

You can choose whatever colour you want using the built-in colour picker. You are not stuck with a new preset colour option when you get im Event Theme. Furthermore, you can use Visual Composer to customize individual elements too.

Countdown Timer

Get a countdown timer on the home screen that shows exactly how much longer one has to wait till the event. You can use this as a widget in other pages too.

Export Registrations

You can easily get the registration details from your website into other software programs using the built-in export function. The export option gives you the registration details in a CSV or comma-separated values file. CSV files are easy to handle using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. They can also be easily imported into other programs as the data is in plain text. You can easily make lists, or analyze the registration data.

Completely Responsive

You do not have to worry about your site appearing broken on smartphones and tablets when you are using im Event. im Event is completely responsive. It is built based on the Bootstrap 3 framework that a lot of other websites, including Twitter uses to make their websites scale across multiple devices properly. No matter what device you are using to access the website, the layout will be automatically rearranged and scaled. Hence, you no longer have to maintain separate websites for multiple devices.

Comprehensive Scheduling

No event website is complete without proper scheduling details. im Event allows you to make detailed schedules with the built-in schedule maker. You can write complete blog posts, along with schedules like you can with any WordPress websites. Along with that, you get a schedule field, where you can add the time, author, author description, contact, social network details and more. Moreover, you can also categorize schedules according to the locations that they will be held at.

On the front end, you get the events neatly organized into tabs according to the time and location. For each day and each location, you can see the details of the event, listed chronologically. Moreover, if you have a schedule in any form of document format, you can also make use of the Download schedule button that is included in the website.

Integration with WooCommerce and Eventbrite

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the web that allows you to easily sell products from your website. With WooCommerce support, you can easily sell tickets to the customers. im Event supports WooCommerce integration. It also supports Eventbrite integration. Eventbrite provides complete event management and ticketing support too.

With im Event, you are free to choose between any of the two solutions. im Event also comes with functional forms that allow users to make free registrations on your website.

PayPal integration

You can allow the users of your website to make payments using PayPal too. im Event supports PayPal integration. Without much effort, you can set up a PayPal payment gateway that will allow the users to make payment using their PayPal accounts. im Event also allows donations with the integrated donate Shortcodes.

Redux Framework based options

You can easily navigate through the admin panel and can extensively change settings, thanks to im Event’s implementation of the Redux Framework. Redux Framework is a WordPress settings API that allows developers to build extensive and flexible themes and plugins. The settings pages on im Event is powered by Redux Framework.

Payment Listing

You can follow up with the payments made on your website using the “Payment List” page. This allows you to check which buyer paid how much, whether the transaction has been completed or not, order ID, customer information and more.


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  • Support WordPress 4.9.x Support Childtheme
  • Free Visual Composer
  • Multiple payment options including PayPal
  • Woocommerce Enabled
  • Eventbrite Option
  • Form inbuilt in slider
  • Donate option for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Introduction video in slider
  • Support Shortcode
  • Allow add extra fields for register form in admin
  • You can option register with paypal or free in admin
  • Manage paypal register list, free register list
  • Export Registration to CSV file
  • Allow edit email template when register event successfully
  • Support to pay via EventBrite
  • Integrated donate shortcode
  • One click demo content View Video
  • Light & Dark Version
  • Wide & Boxed Version
  • Support Multi Page
  • Unlimited Color
  • Support LTR & RTL
  • Theme Options with Redux Framework
  • .po, .mo files ready
  • Support Google Font
  • Support contact form 7

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  1. Hello I am about puchacing this theme for an Awards Event Website. I want to know if i can add my own Menu pages. I do not need all the ones i see on the design. I may have to change some

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Version 3.1.9
- [UPDATE]: Visual Composer Plugin version 5.4.7
- [UPDATE]: Woocommerce version 3.3.4
- [UPDATE]: Theme imevent/style.css line 4

Version 3.1.8
- [UPDATE]: Imevent Common Plugin
+ Fix share Facebook in Schedule
- [UPDATE]: Visual Composer Plugin

Version 3.1.7
- [UPDATE]: Imevent Common Plugin
+ Fix share Facebook in Schedule

Version 3.1.6
[UPDATE]: Visual Composer Plugin
[UPDATE]: Imevent Common Plugin
[UPDATE]: Imevent Theme
Version 3.1.5
[UPDATE]: Visual Composer Plugin
Version 3.1.4
[Add]: Add No Animate for Page, Post
[UPDATE]: WooCommerce to latest version
Version 3.1.3
[Update]: Visual Composer to version 5.2.1
[Update]: Fontawesome to version 4.7.0
Version 3.1.2
[Fix]: Scroll in menu
Version 3.1.1
- [Add]: One click demo content 
- [Update]: Visual Composer
- [Update]: Child Theme
- [Fix]: Font in Theme Options
- [Update]: Countdown - choose hour, minutes of event
- [Add]: Slideshow two allow display multi backgrounds in slideshow
- [Add]: Allow change height slideshow in config slideshow element.
- [Add]: Share schedule article via twitter, google plus, facebook
- [Fix]: Charset when send mail
- [Update]: Design map in mobile
Version 3.1
- Update Child theme
- Update Visual Composer
- Fix mobile in mobile
- Fix SEO
- Fix some other issues
Version 3.0
- Fix RTL
Version 2.9.9
- New: Add pattern email template in backend when register event successfully
- Update option for displaying speaker
Version 2.9.8
- Add FAQ new style
- Fix display schedule when only have one category not sub-category
- Update Register Form setting: Send auto email to client when register success
Version 2.9.7
- Fix Googe Map API
13 Junl 2016 Update to version 2.9.6
- Update Imevent-commom plugin
- Update Visual Composer plugin
- Update imevent theme
- Add Woocommerce for booking event
- Make config for page: Layout, Dark/Light version
- Improve speed load site
14 April 2016 Update to version 2.9.3
- Update visual composer to version 4.11.2
- Fix javascripit for wordpress 4.5
22 March 2016 Update to version 2.9.2
- Update visual composer to version 4.11.1
- Fix countdown
02/03/2016 Update to version 2.9.1: 
- Update visual composer to version 4.9.2
- Update Valentine template
- Fix countdown javascript for home 5
Update version 2.9: 12/18/2015
- Update visual composer to version 4.9
Update version 2.8: 11/25/2015
- Update visual composer to version 4.8.1
- Add new home page


Update version 2.7: 10/07/2015
- Update visual composer to version 4.7.4
- Add feature: Support to pay via EventBrite


Update version 2.6: 09/13/2015
- Update visual composer to version 4.7
- Add feature: Export Registration (free and paypal) to CSV file. You can choose single field (like email) or multi fields to export to csv file


Update version 2.5: 08/26/2015 
- Update Visual Composer to version 4.6.2
- Fix some bugs javascript
- Update parallax background
- Update imevent-common plugin
Update version 2.4:  06/27/2015
- Update security: prettyPhoto library
- Update visual composer to version 4.5.3
Update version 2.2:  04/29/2015
- Update security for theme and plugins
- Update audio background for page

Update version 2.1: 04/18/2015
Important: Update documentation for updating from version 2.0 to version 2.1

- Step 1: Remove old visual composer and re-install new plugin. You will find new plugin in your-new-theme/framework/plugins folder
- Step 2: Remove imevent-common plugin and re-install new plugin.You will find new plugin in your-new-theme/framework/plugins folder
- Step 3: Upload and override all the files from new theme to old theme
- Step 4: You have to config again page of visual composer:
+ Row settings: 
Insert “section id” of each section
Config “user container to wrap content” parameter
Choose “image background” for section  read “How to change background slideshow” section in documentation
+ You can create again sponsor section with element of visual composer
+ You can create again testimonial section with element of visual composer
+ Choose again menu for each page in metabox of page: read “Create Home Page” section

Update: 06/12/2014:

- Update Marker for Google Map
+ wp-content/imevent-common/shortcode/shortcode.php
+ wp-content/imevent-common/shortcode/vc-shortcode.php

- Fix Social Metabox for speaker, schedule
+ wp-content/imevent-common/custom-metaboxes/metabox-functions.php

- Update blog style
+ style.php

- Update document

- Update single speaker, single schedule

- Fix style
- Update sample_data for style of home page


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