ImStartup – Responsive Email Template + StampReady Builder

ImStartup Responsive Email Template + StampReady Builder

ImStartup is a responsive email template for all your marketing email needs. Moreover, it comes with HTML pages too that you can use to build a website or design the email yourself. ImStartup, as the name indicates, is the perfect template for startups or product launches. You can customize every single aspect of the template with an included tool, or by simply tweaking the HTML and CSS codes.

If you are looking for a theme that solely helps you with designing promotional emails, then look no further than the ImStartup theme. Besides having all the necessary modules to make an impressive email, it also comes with all the modules that are needed to make an impressive website design.

Here are some of the key design features of the template

Simple, Minimalist and Modern

The ImStartup is quite a simple theme with minimal design elements. Moreover, it is a responsive theme. It loads up quickly in most modern browsers as well as email clients. The user interface blends seamlessly with the user interface of software on modern devices. The flat design with handsome amounts of empty spaces and muted colours make the actual contents stand out. Moreover, you can customize the theme further with large and colourful photographs that make the theme much more engaging.

Multiple header menus

The ImStartup template comes with four different menu styles. You get a light and a dark version of two different layouts. In the first header, you get a simple company logo along with the login and register buttons. On the second header, you get a nav bar that consists of links to different pages or sections. You have sections like Home, About, Features, Pricing and more.

If you are designing an email, you may just want to use the first header. On the website, however, you will need the menu. Both the styles are quite useful depending on the situation.

Multiple Home Screens

You get four different home screen modules with the template. It is the very first thing that any user will see when they open the website or the browser. In all the four modules, you get centre aligned text and full-screen background photos. You also get buttons that can be used to redirect the user to a tour of the product or to start a trial service. Alternatively, you can also redirect the user to the services page or the product page to show them more regarding the product. You have full freedom of changing the text on the buttons so that you can use them in any other way you want.

Show Partner Companies

A dedicated module allows you to showcase your clientele or the companies sponsoring or supporting you. Modules such as these often provide a lot of extra exposure when it comes to startups.

Show off your best features

For advertising a product or a service, it is always important to highlight the key features that set your company apart from the others. ImStartup comes with a dedicated section where you can put three such features and also a short description along with it. An included link button in the section can be used to redirect the user to a more elaborate list of features.

Showcase your startup

ImStartup theme focuses on highlighting two things – the startup and the offering of the startup. Thus, multiple modules are dedicated to showcasing the startup. In on the of the modules, you can include a short text, as well as an image where you can talk more about the startup. A separate module is used for showcasing a video. One can use this to talk in detail about both the startup as well as the product or the services.

A third module is used to talk about the startup team. Here, you can add images of the team members and describe them. You can also put in their contact details, as well as links to social networking profiles.

Showcase the product

The multiple modules that are dedicated to showcasing the product allow you to put in screenshots and images of the product or the services. You can use large photographs, followed by a short description and a link button to link a page with a more elaborate description. In another module, you have the option to add screenshots, if it is an app or a computer program. You can also list all the features using beautiful iconography.

Pricing Details

A three-column module allows you to detail three different pricing options, and also provide the descriptions along with them. The included link buttons in each column will allow users to make a purchase directly from the email. You also have the option to mark any of the three options as the best one.

Customer testimonials

Let your potential clients know what your older clients think about you. You can add testimonials to show what people think about your startup and your product. Testimonials are an effective way to market both your company as well as the product or the service.

StampReady Builder

With ImStartup, you also get StampReady Builder. StampReady Builder is a simple drag-and-drop customization tool that allows you to customize virtually every aspect of the theme. You can add or remove modules, reorder them, customize the text and images, and even change the colour and transparency of objects. This allows you to personalize the theme without any prior development knowledge.

MailChimp and Campaign Monitor integration

MailChimp makes email marketing campaigns much easier with repeatable layouts, easy drag-and-drop customization and huge customization options. Moreover, ImStartup also works with Campaign Monitor.

Responsive HTML

A responsive page means that the content will scale automatically depending on the size of the viewing window. The layout and the scale of objects will change automatically. This makes the mail or website much easier to read and navigate on different devices. You do not have to worry if the user will use a phone or a PC to open the mail. The content will scale depending on the device.

Extensive mail client compatibility

ImStartup works with Android, iOS and well as Windows devices. It supports Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Lotus Notes and more. It has to be noted that the Microsoft Outlook desktop app, for security, blocks some images on emails. They can, however, be displayed with a couple of clicks. The Gmail app does not support responsive content. Also, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor does not support background images. However, on web browsers, there are no compatibility issues.


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  • 20 modules and unlimited variations
  • 2 Header versions
  • 2 Menu versions
  • 5 Intro versions
  • Responsive Layout
  • Stampready builder
  • MailChimp Ready
  • Campaign Monitor Ready
  • Inline Css and optimized code
  • Tested in all Major Clients
  • Documentation Included

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