ImStartup – Startup Landing Page With Page Builder

ImStartup Startup Landing Page With Page Builder

If you are planning to launch a startup or planning to launch a website of your existing startup, then ImStartup is a great theme to start with. HTML themes make it much easier to build websites that can be hosted on any server or integrated with any other platforms such as ASP.Net. Moreover, ImStartup also comes with an online page builder tool that you can use to easily customize the page. ImStartup comes with multiple homepage variants, multiple header variants, is completely responsive and features a clean and modern design for the startups of today. Here are the key features of ImStartup.

7 different slider options

No matter what you launch – a startup, a product or a service, ImStartup can be customized to fit any scenario. ImStartup comes with 7 different sliders that can be used to make a bold statement about the company or the product. Each of the sliders comes with text, link buttons and also text fields. One variant also includes a countdown timer that you can use to tell the visitors when the product is launching. The text boxes can be used to subscribe a visitor to a newsletter or to register for an event or so. You also have a slider where you can play a video on the slider itself.

Single banner option

If you do not want sliders and you want your websites to load up fast, then you can use a static banner. It is a single image with a text overlay. Single banners make the website much lighter and can be aesthetically pleasing too if you are looking to a minimal website.

4 different header styles

You have 4 different header styles with the ImStartup HTML startup theme. These include the normal header, the full-width header, the bottom styled header and the non-sticky header. The normal header is a simple header that is padded on both the sides. The full-width header, on the other hand, uses the entire width of the page. The bottom styled header appears at the bottom of the page whereas the non-sticky header does not stay visible when you scroll down the page. Depending on your taste, you can select any header style you want and combine it with any slider style you want.

Includes Page Builder

With ImStartup HTML startup theme, you also get access to a page builder that you can use to visually drag and drop modules to design the web page. The included page builder is a great tool for designing HTML emails for marketing purposes. You can also use it to create or modify web pages.

Features Parallax Animations

ImStartup HTML startup theme comes with parallax animation in the landing page. Parallax animation uses multiple layers of content that scrolls at different speeds when you scroll down the website. This gives a feeling of depth to the website.

Multiple extra pages

ImStartup HTML startup theme comes with multiple pages instead of just the single landing page. The extra page consists of the list of blogs that are published, the blog post page, the 404-error page and the coming soon page.

MailChimp Ready

ImStartup HTML startup theme is MailChimp ready. You can use the theme for email marketing campaigns too. You can customize the themes and run marketing campaigns via MailChimp.

Based on Bootstrap 3

ImStartup HTML startup theme is based on Bootstrap 3. With bootstrap, managing the website becomes quite easy. ImStartup HTML startup theme comes with well documented and well-formatted code. You can integrate existing pages to the website using the ImStartuptheme. With Bootstrap, you get a fluid grid layout that adjusts itself according to the screen size. This gives you a responsive website. The content that is aligned horizontally, in a row, will sort itself vertically, in a column on mobile devices with limited screen space. Moreover, with a Bootstrap 3 theme, you can also increase the development time. To make a new element, you can simply create an HTML element and assign it the desired class ID. Since ImStartup HTML startup theme is based on Bootstrap, the class IDs will be similar in name.

Moreover, you get great packaged javascript components and pre-styled components with ImStartup HTML startup theme because it is built using Bootstrap.

Responsive layout

A responsive layout is one of the key features of any Bootstrap-based website. Responsive web design is quite important for businesses, especially if they are in the domain of mobile application development. Responsive websites allow the websites to scale properly on devices with any screen size. Therefore, it increases the reach to mobile and tablet users. Moreover, it improves the user experience too. The interface changes between the desktop and the mobile layouts remain quite similar. Hence, users do not feel uncomfortable while using the site on their mobile devices. This also allows you to consolidate the analytics and the reporting.

The responsive layout also makes ImStartup HTML startup theme SEO optimized. Moreover, search engines prefer mobile-optimized websites for localized search results. Therefore, if you are using ImStartup for your website, you will get a better page rank insearch results too. ImStartup HTML startup theme also saves time and money on mobile development. The responsive theme can be used to build a progressive web app too. This improves offline browsing capabilities. As ImStartup is built with HTML5, it can be used to provide users with offline browsing experiences too where content can be consumed even when offline.

Free PSD files

You get the images and the visual assets used in building the ImStartup HTML startup theme as Photoshop documents. PSD files provide you with the highest quality images that you can export to a web-compatible format after editing the files. This allows you to make minute graphical changes to the site.

Working Contact Form

With minimal configuration, you can set up the contact form that comes with the ImStartup HTML startup theme. The contact form allows your visitor to get in touch with your easily.


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  • 4 Home Layouts
  • 5 Slide options
  • 4 Header (Fullwidth, Boxed, Sticky, Bottom Styled)
  • Mailchimp Ready
  • Free PSD worth $11
  • Slider & Single Banner option
  • Animation & Parallax version
  • RTL (Right to Left) for Arabic/Hebrew added
  • Bootstrap 3
  • 16 Predefined colors
  • 404 Error & Coming Soon Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • Wide & Boxed Version
  • Working Contact form
  • Free PSD files
  • 100% Responsive
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Elite Support & Documentation

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