ImStartup – Startup Landing Page WordPress Theme

ImStartup Startup Landing Page WordPress Theme

If you are planning on launching a new product of a startup, then ImStartup is a great WordPress theme that will help you with your website. Having a website is extremely important to maintain your online presence besides being on social media. With a futureproof theme powering your website that you can scale up later to accommodate more contents, you can be sure that your startup is never held back because of a bland or broken website.

ImStartup is built from the modern web technologies, works with all devices and browser and on all screen sizes. ImStartup is the complete solution that allows you to run promotions, do product launches, showcase your company and a do a lot more. Here are the key features of this WordPress theme.

Five Different Home Screen Styles

The ImStartup WordPress theme comes with five different home screen styles out of the box depending on the type of the background of the slider that you see when the page loads up. Each of the pages have the same content, but with slightly different ordering so that you do not miss out on anything when you choose one format over the other. You can use a full width image, a slider, a video, or even a flat color if you want. Then again, you can customize each according to your needs. Each of the styles have differently aligned text and link buttons. Depending on which one will require minimum customization, you can pick a style and then further modify it.

Each of the pages come in a wide or a boxed variant. The wide variant uses the full width of the screen in larger screens in landscape more whereas the boxed layout is padded on both the sides to leave a space.

Five different static banner styles

The static banners are the full screen images along with the text and the link buttons that you see right when you load up the web page. You have five different layouts right out the box that you can start with. Moreover, you can use both static banners as well as sliders with rotating images.

Five different header styles

You also get 5 different header styles called Normal header – which is a transparent header at the top of the page, a full width header, a bottom styled header that appears from the bottom of the page as your scroll down, a non-sticky header that moves out of view as your scroll down and the default header which is a simple black header.

Multiple extra pages

With ImStartup, you do not just get the landing page, but you also get styled blog pages, custom 404 error page and a coming soon page. You get two pages for blogs – one is the blog listing and the other page is for single blogs. You can change the layout of each of these pages depending on your requirements.

16 Preset colors with unlimited selection

You get 16 preset colors for the theme right out of the box. However, you can also use HTML code to define any particular color you would want for your website, especially if you have any logo or branding and you need the colors to match.

A comprehensive selection of modules

ImStartup comes with all the sections or modules that any startup may require. With ImStartup, you can be sure that all your marketing or promotional needs are covered. The sections or modules of ImStartup allows you to showcase your company, showcase the product, add app screenshots in a rotating slider that also works with touch gestures, allows you to highlight the key features of your product or service, has places for videos, testimonials, pricing, and even includes a contact form.

Easy customization with Visual Composer

With ImStartup, you get Visual Composer for free. Visual Composer is an extremely important tool for web admins when it comes to customizing your website or building a new page from scratch. With Visual Composer, you do not need any web development skills. Without any knowledge of HTML or CSS, you can design your web page using the elements from the theme. Visual Composer supports a drag-and-drop interface and works right within your browser. You do not have to install anything extra. Plus, you get live previews of how the website will look on different devices, such as smartphones. With Visual Composer, ImStartup can be customized endlessly to fit your needs.

Font Awesome Icons

Use icons to customize your website with the help of Font Awesome icons. You can scale the icons or change the colour of the icons just like you would change text size and colour. Font Awesome icons do not get pixelated when enlarged or reduced in size and can be used inline with text easily.

Based on Bootstrap 3

ImStartup is based on Bootstrap 3 that allows you to add Bootstrap HTML elements such as modals, buttons with dropdowns, button toolbars, Bootstrap styled navigations, progress bars, list groups, panels and more. ImStartup itself uses these components that are further styled for a different look. The Bootstrap 3 framework also allows ImStartup to be responsive.

100% Responsive

ImStartup is a completely responsive website. This means that that websites based on ImStartup are extremely flexible. They scale well on all devices and the layouts arrange themselves accordingly. This provides a much more consistent user experience across multiple devices. Moreover, it also saves you money since you do not have to maintain separate websites for separate devices. Moreover, responsive websites are recommended by most search engines. On mobile web searches, responsive sites are ranked higher because of their easier accessibility. Responsive sites are also easier to manage since you are essentially managing one website instead of multiple ones.

Comprehensive documentation

When you purchase ImStartup, you also get full access to the documentation of the theme. You also get all the assets that were used to build the websites, like the HTML code and the PSD files for the images, buttons and other items on the site.


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  • 4 Home Layouts
  • 5 Slide options
  • 4 Header (Fullwidth, Boxed, Sticky, Bottom Styled)
  • Free Visual Composer
  • Animation & Parallax version
  • Bootstrap 3
  • 404 Error
  • Blog Pages
  • Wide & Boxed Version
  • Working Contact form
  • Mailchimp Ready
  • 100% Responsive
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Elite Support & Documentation

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23 May 2018
- Update Visual Composer to latest version 5.4.7

29 Nov 2017
- Update Visual Composer to latest version 5.4.5

18 Aug 2017
- Update Visual Composer to latest version 5.2.1
- Update FontAwesome to version 4.7.0

29 Mar 2017
- Update Visual Composer to latest version 5.1

30 Dec 2016
- Update Visual Composer to latest version 5.0.1
- Update demo data

23 March 2016
- Update demo data
- Update Visual Composer to latest version 4.11.1
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