OKNO – All in One Multipurpose WordPress Theme

OKNO All in One Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Okno is a powerful multipurpose theme that can suit virtually any website imaginable. Okno comes with a very powerful set of features, making it one of the most versatile and customizable themes that are available for WordPress at the moment.

Okno uses powerful and modern web technologies and sports a clean and minimalistic design that allows it to be usable in almost all domains. Here are some of the key features of the Okno WordPress theme.

A Versatile Admin Panel

One of the most important features of this theme is not the front end, but the back end. Okno comes with a powerful administration panel with a wide range of options. You can use it to customize the appearance of the website, as well as to tweak the functionality of the site. You can change the logo, colours, customize the 404 page, and tweak the blogging and shopping settings and more.

Support for Retina Display

Okno is built to support high DPI displays. On modern computers, such as Macs and iOS devices, the screen resolution is quite high, even though the screen is quite small. The high screen resolution and the small screen size makes sizes of elements on the screen quite small. This may often get quite difficult to work with, even for those with perfect vision.

Okno is built keeping in mind high-resolution screens and how websites scale across various devices having high screen resolution. This makes Okno a perfect website for modern devices.

A minimal design

Okno is built using soft pastel shades. Most modern tech companies, such as Google, Microsoft and Apple have opted for more muted pastel shades, sporting minimalism. Okno uses the same technique to have a clean and minimal looking website. It comes with a collection of preset colours, but then again, you can choose any custom colour you want. The theme puts more focus on the content and not the interactive elements.

On loading up Okno, you will see clean texts with a lot of margins, full-screen photos, clean layout and minimal design elements. This allows you to put your brand and the content you have to offer in focus.

The minimal design also allows faster load times and better performance on older devices.

Single-page and multi-page designs

Depending on what sort of website you want to host, Okno comes with both single-paged as well as multi-paged concepts. Both the cases allow you to curate a large amount of content. The single page is aimed at websites that are generally small in size and remains mostly static. It is an official way to know about a company or to get in touch with them. It’s great for freelancers, small startups and small agencies.

The multi-paged design is for those who have a lot of content existing already. Those with a blog, a gallery, or even a separate site can go for the multi-paged option. The multi-page design allows you to segment and organizes content in multiple pages whereas the single page design offers hassle free navigation, quick information lookup and a simpler UI.

Available for multiple purposes

Okno is available in a vanilla variant, but it has also been specialized for certain uses. These include consulting websites, finance websites, agency websites, gym websites, web applications, corporate websites, event management sites, gyms and coaching sites, personal sites, restaurant sites, industrial sites and even a product showcase site.

There are hundreds of HTML files that are provided with the package and are sure to suit all your designing needs. No matter what the use case is, Okno got you covered. Even if what you want is not there, the Classic site itself has multiple variants that you can further tweak and use according to your taste.

Huge Customization Potential

Okno comes with multiple header styles, unlimited colours, and a large section of stock photographs and over hundreds of HTML web pages. You can use them to customize your website to your heart’s content. Okno also comes with Visual Composer support. This means, that even without any coding knowledge, you can design the web page by simply dragging and dropping elements in place.

It has support for Google Maps, Google Web Fonts, has a slideshow background with awesome animations, uses AJAX powered shopping cart, comes with blog pages, icon fonts for clear and scalable glyphs, and integrates easily with Woocommerce, MailChimp and WordPress Multilingual Plugin. There’s nothing that you cannot do with Okno.

Built using Sass

Sass is the next extension to CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, a scripting language used to style webpage components. Sass stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets. Sass extends the functionality of CSS while maintaining full compatibility with CSS. Sass is easier to write and edit too, so if you want to make intricate changes to the theme, you can do that with minimal effort. Moreover, the backwards compatibility ensures that your site does not appear broken or out of place in older browsers or devices.

Uses the Bootstrap 3 Framework

Okno is built from scratch using Bootstrap 3. Bootstrap is the most trusted web designing framework that is used to make responsive websites. Bootstrap allows websites to scale the content according to the screen size and the device orientation. So, no matter what device you are using – desktop PC or smartphone or a tablet and no matter in what orientation – portrait or landscape, Bootstrap allows your websites to display the elements and scale appropriately. With a Bootstrap powered website, you will no longer have to maintain a separate website for mobile devices.

Comes with Working Forms

Okno has working forms. You can customize the forms by changing the field names and descriptions. Forms can be used by users to contact the company, to sign up or to subscribe.

With Onko, no extra effort is needed in coding the back end for forms. They work out of the box. All you need to do is change the descriptions if needed.

Easy Setup

Okno comes with a ton of features, which should make it quite difficult to set up. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Okno. The theme comes with easy to understand documentation as well as video tutorials allowing even novices to set up the theme in minutes.


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  • Drag n Drop Page Builder worth $33 for free
  • Multiple Home Page Concepts
  • Several One Page & Multi-pages Demo
  • Power Pack Admin Panel
  • Visual Composer Custom Short-codes for this theme
  • 3 Video Tutorial
  • Video Background
  • WPML Ready for Multilingual
  • Slideshow Background
  • 100% Responsive
  • Video Tutorial
  • Awesome Documentation with Video tutorials
  • Blog pages included
  • Cookies popup ready!
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Retina ready
  • Photos included!*
  • Easy to setup
  • Lots of useful components
  • Based on Bootstrap 3 – all common elements are styled
  • W3C Valid Code
  • Google Web Font
  • Google Map Support
  • 700+ Icons
  • Dedicated Support
  • FREE updates are coming! Tell us what you’d like to get via Twitter @jthemesstudio or Facebook

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