SEO Factory – SEO Agency, Social Media Agency, Digital Marketing Agency Template

SEO Factory – SEO Agency, Social Media Agency, Digital Marketing Agency Template

Looking for a simple HTML theme to get started with your digital marketing agency website? Then look no further than the SEO Factory HTML template. SEO Factory is the ideal solution for SEO agencies, social media agencies and digital market agencies. It is based on the Bootstrap 3 framework and utilized a professional, clean and modern design that will appeal to visitors from all fields.

If you are developing a website for an SEO agency or digital marketing firm, then this is the best place to start.

3 Home Styles

SEO Factory comes with three different home screen styles based on the slider that is used. Each home screen comes with a different layout but carries the same amount of content. You will not miss out on any features if you pick one over the other.
The first one comes with a simple animated slider where the images, the text as well as a link button is contained in the slider. All the transitions are animated. The second variant does not make use of an animated slider but uses a large static hero image with large typography. This is a simple and clean option that also loads much faster. The third slider comes with multiple slides and uses text and iconography for the slider index.

In all the cases, you can customize the slider according to your needs. You can also change the iconography with the provided icons.

Sports a Corporate Layout

SEO Factory uses a professional and corporate layout for the theme. The theme uses muted pastel shades of blue and white with yellow accents. The selected colour pallet makes it look very professional. The clutter-free layout and the minimalist design should appeal to those who are looking for a formal-looking website.

Completely Responsive

SEO Factory uses a responsive web design. Since it is based on Bootstrap 3, SEO Factory inherits all the properties of Bootstrap, such as the fluid grid view, that makes it responsive. A responsive web design means that the website will automatically scale its contents based on the size of the screen. This means SEO Factory will work flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. This has many benefits.

First of all, you do not have to make a separate website for mobile devices. Since a lot of people access the internet from their smartphones, a website that has a mobile-optimized version gets a higher rank in search results. Having a responsive website takes care of that. It provides an improved user experience as your visitors will have a similar look and feel of the website across multiple devices. It is also cost-effective since you are maintaining and updating a single website over time.

Working Contact Form

SEO Factory comes built in with a working contact form. With minimal configuration, the contact form can be used to send emails to the website owner or administrator. This allows visitors to send in their queries with ease. They do not have to type in an email separately or make phone calls to contact the business. It can be done directly from the website itself.

The dedicated contact page also comes with an interactive Google map that allows visitors to locate the business easily.

Fully Customizable

SEO Factory is a completely customizable theme. Being built on the Bootstrap framework, it comes with all the bootstrap elements that you can use to customize the pages that are included. You can change almost everything – from the colours to the text, graphics, layout of the entire page and more.

Case Studies Pages

To attract potential customers, it is always important to provide them with a history of the projects that the agency has taken part in. This is why the template contains a separate page for case studies. There are two separate pages for case studies. One of them simply lists the case studies like a blog whereas the second one provides more detailed insights into the case studies.

Free Analysis Page and Form

The Free analysis page form is a working form that can turn visitors into customers. The form is functional right out of the box and is designed to take the customer request for web designing, SEO, or Pay per click management.

Includes Blog Pages

SEO Factory also comes with the pages needed for blogs and news. There is a page for listing the blogs as well as the page that is designed to contain a single post. The blog post page is complete with the author description, comment section, blog tags and others.

Includes Shopping Pages

Visitors can directly pay for services from the website using the shopping pages. The shopping pages consist of the product detail page, the shopping cart and the checkout page.

Includes an RTL Version for Arabic Scripts

If you want your website to be truly multilingual, then the website should also support languages that are read right to left. SEO Factory includes a right to left or RTL template that has been modified to work with such scripts.

Has comprehensive Pricing Tables

SEO Factory has multiple pricing tables that are organized into tabs allowing you to show the charges for different services as well as what the services include. There are also options to mark the popular or recommended service opting for which will save the client more.

Data Visualization Tools and Portfolio pages

Show your visitors statistical data with attractive bar graphs and pie charts. Moreover, you can also showcase infographics using the portfolio page. There is a 2 column and 3 column portfolio page that also makes use of a lightbox to show images.

404 Error Page and Coming Soon Page

SEO Factory also comes with an additional 404 error page so that the visitors can easily go back to the last page or the home page from the custom page in case of any error. An included Coming Soon Page acts as a placeholder for any page that will be uploaded in the future.


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  • 3 Home Styles
  • Corporate Layout
  • 100 % Responsive
  • Working Contact Form
  • Fully Customizable
  • Case Studies Pages
  • Free Analysis Page and Form
  • Blog Pages
  • Shop Pages
  • RTL Version Added
  • Pricing Tables
  • 404 Error Page
  • Coming Soon Page


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