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Why Should You Move To Bootstrap 4 From Bootstrap 3?

Bootstrap has been always marked as the best framework due to its loyal audience. A very basic knowledge of the CSS and HTML is all that is required to work with Bootstrap. It has been always a debate in between Bootstrap 3 and 4 to know which one is the best. But apart from the debate, the most important thing that is to be noticed is that Bootstrap comes up with updates on a regular basis in order to provide the best experience to its users.

Bootstrap 4 was launched in August 2017 and the update brings in a big question of what are the changes that makes it different than the Bootstrap 3. Before you start Wordpress theme development with Bootstrap, understanding this basic different can offer you a lot of knowledge.

The Navigation

The basic feature of the Wordpress themes is that it is easier for the developers to develop a website and also it is equally convenient for the viewers. With the help of the Bootstrap, this convenience is increased even more. The navigation component in Bootstrap 4 has been simplified even more to offer even better convenience to the users. There are a number of components that has been added such as nav-item class, navigation bars and many more.

The Appearance

The best way to design the website as per your wish is to make use of the customizable Wordpress themes. The second feature of the Bootstrap 4 is that it will offer you the best options to make your website look really great. There are not such major or dramatic changes but the smaller options added can make a huge different if they are used in the right way. Some of the additions that can be talked about are context color, font size, background color, and so on.


Do you like to work with HTML themes? Bootstrap 4 now uses Normalize.css that is great in offering the consistent appearance of the HTML elements that you will be making use of. It also uses the enhanced version ‘Reboot’ of Normalize.css.

Improved Grid System

As mentioned before, Bootstrap 4 has come up with some such features that can actually enhance the look of the website. The new grid system is one of them. The version now offers 5 tiers so that the site can be designed in an even better way.

Do you think it is the end of the list? It is certainly not. There are so many other features that the Bootstrap 4 has to offer over bootstrap 3. Some of the other major features that you can come across are the flexbox layout, form control, dropdown menu, pagination component, more plugins, browser support, utility classes, and many more. Get the right responsive Wordpress themes along with the option of Bootstrap 4 and you will be delighted to make use of a wide number of features.

Bootstrap has always remained consistent in its performance and this is the reason it is so much high in demand. Though it seems that the difference in between the two versions are not much, taking a deep dig, you can get to see some of the amazing updates in Bootstrap 4.

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