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What Are The Pages That You Need To Have In A Car Booking Website?

Car booking service has become quite popular and important today because the demand for such services has increased all of a sudden. People, who not have a car of their own often, use to book cars for long distance travel earlier. But now there are also people who book a car for many other reasons such as for functions at home, for a day trip, or even for some corporate uses. If you have such a car booking services, promoting it online with the help of a website can be the best option that you have.

If you have already got a particular website with the help of the Wordpress themes, it is important to know about the various pages that you should have in your website.

The Homepage

The homepage is very much important if you are having such a website. It is going to be the face of your service in front of your customers. The homepage will have all the information about your company such as when it started, where it is established and many others so that the customers can have a study of it and can have a trust on your services before availing you. If you do not have much to offer and you are just a startup, you can also try out the one page Wordpress themes for your site where you just have a small introduction about your company and then straightway you can talk about your services and business.

The Fleet Of Cars

If you are not getting a single page Wordpress theme, this means that you have a lot to talk about. So, the very next page after your homepage should be about your fleet of cars. After knowing about your company, the customers will straightaway wish to know about the car options that you have. You can use various pages in order to display your wide range car options in various categories.

The Options Available

After showing off the number of cars that you have, it is the time to display the various service options that you are offering to the customers. This means a list of options that you are offering such as outstation travel, full day booking and so on. Here you can make use of the HTML themes in order to help the customers know the rates of the services that they wish to get. Provide a selection option where the customers can choose the number of hours and the type of car that they wish to get and the price can get calculated for them.

The Transaction Page

You may come across a number of customers who will wish to meet you or talk to you to get a booking done, while on the other hand, some of them will make it online. You should get Wordpress theme development with Bootstrap for such online customers. There should be an individual transaction page with a proper payment gateway for such incidents.

The Contact Page

This is the most important one that you need to have in your website. Here you should provide your contact details and also should offer options where customers can leave a feedback for you.

When you are getting a website for car rental, best is to get a proper template such as the car rental Wordpress theme. It is important to know about the pages that you should surely include in order to provide your customers with the maximum convenience.

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