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Guidelines for Choosing a Wordpress Theme

Most of you unfortunately end up in investing behind a wordpress theme that is not worth your website. The worst part of it is you realize this much later when you have already paid for the wordpress theme and it is failing to fulfill your targets. Well, from this you need to learn a lesson – “look before you leap” or “Prevention is better than cure.”

Well, the best thing that you can do before investing behind a premium wordpress theme is to do a steady research. Worry not, as this is a simple guide as to what kind of wordpress theme should you choose for your website. Be it a business website or a fashion website, Jthemes Studio has it all! Avail the Shoe Wordpress Themes and Templates by Jthemes Studio and enjoy the best of it!

Do you need a premium wordpress theme or a free wordpress theme?

Regarding purchasing any customizable wordpress themes that first thing that you highlight is the pocket pinch. First, look out if you have the adequate funds for purchasing a premium wordpress theme. Or, check out if you are pretty confident about getting all the facilities from a wordpress theme free. So, it is better that you go through the differences of both first.

Difference between premium and free wordpress themes

  • Free Wordpress themes

  • Designs are simple.

  • Not a single penny is required.

  • You do not get the necessary support.

  • The creator of the theme does not always support for updates.

  • Even though many themes are wonderful, but most of them are worthless.

  • Lack of updates weakens the security of your website.

  • Free themes allow you to check ratings every now and then.

  • Premium Wordpress themes

  • The themes are comparatively cheaper.

  • Quality of the themes is top-notch. The authors of the theme constantly keep a check on the bugs to stop unsatisfied customers as well as return themes.

  • Generally the premium wordpress themes are sold under the name of certain companies. Beautiful support outlets are produced, free themes are built constantly.

  • The customization process is organized well. There are a plethora of premium themes. Users find it easy to go through such an interface.

  • Premium wordpress themes come along with ratings, reviews, and even pre-sale forums.

  • The themes have very complex designs.

So, should you opt for a free theme or a premium one?

If you think that you will not customize your shoe-keeper wordpress themes and you want to keep on posting something or the other, it is recommended that you choose free themes. However, you should know the shortcomings of free wordpress themes. Most of them do not offer updates. Also, customizing those templates is really hard often.

On the other hand, if you want to earn serious revenue from your website, nothing can be better than a premium wordpress theme. These themes vary in cost, depending upon the features that it offers.


Henceforth, if you are opting for premium wordpress themes, do not forget to keep a consistent amount of money separately for investing in wordpress themes.

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