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How to Build a Website for Spa and Salon?

Developing your identity over the internet these days have become a prerogative. Likewise, be it a salon website or a spa website or a site for fitness, know that your website is your identity through which people know you. And, in order to grow your business, you ought to create your website by using the Style Spa Wordpress Themes and Templates by Jthemes Studio.

Your site not only makes you known to many people bust also speaks a lot about you to the people. It portrays about you, the products and services that you offer, introduces your team and what not! Your clients and prospective customers should know whether you special in hair cut, or in nails or Ayurvedic spa or Chinese spa, etc.

Through this guide you will explore some innovative website template ideas in order to display your services, rates, offers, and online booking system.

Selecting a template

The premium wordpress template of Jthemes Studio allows you to portray a gallery, customize the texts, and add the integrations of online booking. The customizable wordpress templates are all about these! Each template opens up with large images or videos at the backdrop of the text. In the background, you latest offers or collections or the latest news of your spa or salon will be projected. This is how the potential clients will feel special and like to be welcomed.

Describe your services

Make use of one page wordpress templates to list down your services and the prices attached to it. Regarding some services, you would prefer to add some descriptions or explain some of the unique features associated to that particular service. Besides, a simple starter layout can be used. You can also start with a blank layout in order to establish the page. If you want to divide your services, split them one in each page. Then, use a drop down menu from the navigation panel.

Introduce your team

Introducing the people working behind the success of your business makes it appear authentic in front of your potential clients. Start from the about section. Add images of your workers in the image block section. Then, fill the text space with a short bio of each worker. The bio should be in sync with the image of the worker.

Display timing and location

Make use of premium website templates in order to help your clients get into your salon easily. Along with location, do not forget to add the hours your salon will remain open. Include email, phone number and all kinds of contacts that will make your clients get to you without any hassle. Another unique aspect that you can add is the location through map.

Offer appointments

Next, lead clients to the online booking step. Allow the clients to book appointments via online. At the same time, you can make attach other services that you prosper in.


The special announcements should be made in the announcement bar. Do not forget to update the gallery section. Adding some FAQs will be of a great help to your clients.

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