Most Important Articles of Indian Constitution in Hindi Pdf

Memorizing the 448 articles of the Indian Constitution and reproducing them in the civil service examination is not an easy task. It is difficult to learn everything. Here are some tips for remembering the important articles of the Indian Constitution: Once an aspirant has taken note of the list of articles of the Indian Constitution, he can practice the questions of past years via the following links: Remembering important articles of the Indian Constitution through mnemonic means – This is an ancient trick, which is used to memorize a lot of content. Create a phrase or phrase with key letters from the articles. This allows you to retrieve them faster and with minimal effort. Create your own mnemonics to store large amounts of data. For example: Ans. This was a “temporary provision”, meaning that it was to come into force only when the state constitution was being created and adopted. Nevertheless, the state legislature was dissolved on January 25, 1957, without approving the repeal or amendment of Article 370. Q How many articles are there in the Indian Constitution in 2022? Read more about high courts in India and types of ordinances in the articles linked below: Also, aspirants need to be updated with the Indian constitutional articles that are in the news, as the topics mentioned in the UPSC program of Hands GS 2 will be requested in the exam based on both theory and current events. The 470 articles of the constitution are divided into 25 parts and preceded by a prologue.

It contains five schedules, 12 schedules and has been subject to 105 amendments, the last of which came into force on August 10, 2021. Knowledge of these Indian constitutional articles will help aspirants to do well in the Polity section. However, not all of them are important for the playoffs and the UPSC Main exam. The main articles of the Indian Constitution for the Civil Service Examination are listed in the following table: This article contains the list of articles of the Indian Constitution that are important for the IAS Examination for Indian Policy (GS-II) program. To. The second largest operational constitution in the world and the one with the longest text is that of India. It contains 470 articles divided into 25 parts, 12 lists and 5 annexes. Originally, it consisted of 395 articles divided into 22 sections and 8 lists. There are 12 lists in the Indian Constitution. These, along with the Indian articles of the Constitution, are mentioned below: Answer: Election of the President (IAS aspirants looking for more information on the types of changes in the Constitution can check out the linked article.) If we look at the UPSC questionnaires from last year, we may come across at least one question related to the Constitution of India.

Therefore, it is important to know the importance of the Indian Constitution in the IAS audit. This article will mention the most important articles of our Indian Constitution. The Constitution of India consists of 448 articles divided into 25 parts, 12 schedules and 5 schedules, with more than 100 amendments. A constitutional article is a set of guidelines that establish a law or group of laws. These articles cover topics such as the political system, individual freedoms, and electoral procedures, among others. The Constitution of India now has 448 articles in 25 parts, 12 lists and 104 amendments; In 1949, it had only 395 articles in 22 parts. The articles in each part cover different facets of the Constitution, including legislative and executive powers, annexes, sections, statutory bodies, constitutional bodies and fundamental rights. The Constitution of India is created by a constituent assembly and adopted by its people with a declaration in the preamble to the Constitution; therefore, it reveals constitutional supremacy, not parliamentary supremacy, and Parliament cannot override the Constitution. There are 448 articles in 25 parts, 12 annexes, 5 annexes with more than 100 amendments in the Indian Constitution. Not all articles of the Indian Constitution are indispensable for UPSC examinations. Therefore, all the articles of the Indian Constitution that are important from the point of view of IAS audit are listed below: Articles related to UPSC preparation are linked below: Articles of the Indian Constitution are a very important part of Indian politics. Indian Polity is an important theme in UPSC Main`s GS 2.

Various questions are addressed on this topic and many others in GS-II and also in Prelims.