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A very positive experience from the first contact. The process was simple: Movin really delivers what they say on the box! They provided excellent service and I even praised my clients for recommending them to transfer the portal Movin Legal partnered with Roma Finance to help Roma`s channel partners find the right legal partner to help their clients buy a property. I thought it was great, easy to use and Sean Kelly and his team were excellent, the Movin legal portal makes tracking sales 50x easier! Plus, the Movin Legal team does most of the avocado hunting for us! Date of next return September 13, 2023 due no later than September 27, 2023 “When it comes to the transfer stage, we can often overlook how important it is to find the right lawyer rather than the cheapest. Steve Smith, National Sales Director at Roma Finance, said: “Working with lawyers who understand a client`s goals as well as how the lender works is critical to the success of any business.” Their business model is winning and we look forward to quick results. “At Movin Legal, we are committed to offering an enhanced transfer offering to importers with their specialized credit purchases,” said Emma Hall, Key Relationship Manager at Movin Legal, “Specialty real estate transactions are often complex and clients will always benefit from partnering with a lawyer who has expertise in specific areas.” I`ve used many different plate conveyors in the past, but none are as efficient as Movin. They kept me and my clients updated until the end, saving them the normal and frustrating time of having to check the lawyer for updates! “We are therefore very pleased with this new partnership with Movin Legal, which will help accelerate our processes even further. While it is always the borrowers` decision about which lawyer they want to work with, Movin Legal will help our channel partners make that decision. She added: “The broker, the client, the lender and the lawyers must work on the same side and towards the same common goal from the beginning. The next accounts closed by 30 April 2022 shall be due by 31 January 2023.