New Carnegie Court Aberdeen Address

(3) But if it`s still too cold for your taste, every room has a compact heater with a futuristic touch switch that turns off even when it thinks it`s hot enough! At New Carnegie Court, friends are always a few walls away! With over 100 apartments, you`re sure to make at least a few friends. And if you`re hungry for someone to make you feel better in your general life, fear not, at New Carnegie Court you can always walk into the yard on a Monday morning to see the broken glass bottles and garbage left outside by people pretending to be functional adults. You can have all this and more for just £610 a month! (That`s £3050 a month for you and your roommates combined! Only £27,450 total for the entire school year!) Have the voucher delivered to your email address within 90 days of check-in They basically guarantee normal and friendly roommates with the price of these rooms, flat parties are huge and known on Bullhead. The downside is money, but the other rooms are either too narrow (Hector Boyce/Grant Court/South House have hard-to-move rooms and a fridge per apartment) or are extremely unsociable (Adam Smith/wavell/fyfe due to their hallway layout, it`s extremely difficult to get the bonds you form with your roommates). There are better kitchens in cheaper accommodations like Grant Court. The only positive thing was that this is the only accommodation at the University of Aberdeen with a private bathroom. The £618 a month is not worth it at all. The social experience was awesome! Everyone at the new Carnegie seemed to be in a small community and that`s where most parties take place. During the sun, people would sit outside in the yard to play music, etc. The facilities were average, a lot of money for what you actually get compared to others. The bathroom makes a difference, but know that it`s like a plane. The staff was usually quick to fix issues and you get a new key if you break it (just once!). Super close to the university, a short walk to Seaton Park, which is convenient.

In addition, buses run very often and there are always taxis. All in all, great place to stay the first year! The rooms are ideal for students, especially for the first year, the transport links to the city are excellent, but the bus depends heavily to go anywhere as the rooms are in a place where there is not much more. The rooms are very simple for what is paid for them. I wouldn`t say they`re at the heart of the corporate university, that is: Tesco or Asda, so you rely on someone to drive you, otherwise you`d pay more for food. However, the rooms are very clean and well located for nightlife as the bus drops you right at the entrance of the halls. The rooms are only a ten-minute walk from campus. Outside the halls there is a Lidl and there is also a shop on site. The hallways have en-suite bedrooms and a comfortable double bed. Great place to stay. The rooms were nice, very good for the dormitory standards of the students.

Having a separate toilet was great! In addition, the porters were always there to help in any situation, which made life much easier and safer! Being part of the student village was also great as you could easily get in touch with people from different dorms and have a great time in the first year! There was always something going on that had been planned, which was good for meeting new people. The rooms are nice and the beds are quite comfortable, but the wifi is meh and it`s a good 20 minute walk to the university. The room was great, the social areas like the kitchen/living room could have been better. Location was good for university but not great for downtown Love the social side of life in the new Carnegie, but for the price we pay, I don`t think it`s worth it It was a really comfortable place to stay for a year, even though it was rather clinal and soulless, There were good facilities and took care of everything, which I needed. There were a few issues that arose over the semester, including drains clogged many times, non-functional hallways (which led me to hit my roommate with a boiling cup of tea and get second-degree burns), and an overrun that wasn`t resolved for a month. But overall, it`s a great experience and I couldn`t have imagined living anywhere else. I was in my second year of living in these dormitories. There are very few positives I can say about it, except that there was its own bathroom.

Five people lived in an apartment that would not be moved to a prison. The kitchen was very poorly maintained and I was the only one of my roommates to clean it. Eventually, the kitchen became uninhabitable and I only used it for microwave meals or washing plates (I was the only one buying laundry detergent). The bed was big enough but the mattress was too hard to sleep well. The building itself was probably built in the late 1900s. It is a modern building that likes to bring the outside inside; So it`s cool and airy in winter and warm and warm in summer, perfect for the outdoor lovers in all of us! The location in Hillhead is the best part because all the freshmen are here. The apartments are overpriced, but New Carnegie Court is the only private bathroom accommodation in Hillhead, which is the main factor I chose. We had a lot of problems with the oven, appliances and university wifi in our apartment, but porters are often very helpful in fixing problems quickly. I would recommend staying elsewhere in Hillhead but the property itself is not great. The price is ridiculously expensive, but overall the rooms are nice and clean. The private bathroom is quite nice and 3/4 queen beds are great (expect you might want to buy a mattress topper as the mattresses are pretty hard). The common areas and kitchen are the best you can find in the entire headhead.

These rooms are where the biggest apartment parties take place, so be prepared with a few earplugs if you want to sleep. I am happy with the place but it could be cheaper. Make sure your information is up to date. Plus, use our free tools to find new customers. Incredibly expensive and the apartments are tiny for what you pay. It is also cut off from the city centre with a single bus departing from Hillhead. Great location in Hillhead Halls with the other apartments. Good facilities and social experience but the price is very high. ** This building is listed for informational purposes only. ** I stayed at New Carnegie Court for the second year after spending my first year at the now closed Crombie Halls.

New Carnegie is greatly overrated. Five people lived in an apartment that would not be moved to a prison. At first it was clean, but it certainly didn`t last long. I was the only one of my roommates cleaning and after a while the trash started overflowing and the kitchen became uninhabitable. Finally, I ate in my room and used the kitchen only to heat cooked meals and wash plates. It was also a 15-20 minute walk to the university. All this for £618 a month (luckily I got a 10% discount). I soon realized that some of my friends were living in much better accommodations for much less and felt cheated Deposit payment, full rent/first rent rate The location is great, although the only downside to this is that only one bus goes there.

It`s quite expensive for what you get, and the social experience isn`t too great because some people spend time in their room because they have their own bathroom.